Check Out San-X’s New Character and Its Limited Edition Giant Soft Toy!

  • If you have been living here in Japan for a number of years, you’re sure to know by now how Japan takes it creativity a step further. But if you’re still new to the country, you’ll gradually come to notice the significant amount of effort most establishments put into promoting their brand.

    One common form of promotion is by creating a brand character, that of which many engage in. Here in Japan, you’ll come across popular characters like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Doraemon, and the list could go on. There are thousands of characters being introduced by many brands but for this post, I’ll introduce a character you’ll surely come to adore.

    Meet the Adorable Jinbe San

    Jinbe San is a character from the popular brand San-X, the same brand where the popular Rilakkuma and Tare Panda are from. Jinbe San is a cute whale shark that always flashes a smile. It was in late 2015 during San-X’s brand character election when the character was first introduced.

    Jinbe San took first place in the election with a whopping 8,117 votes, hugely different to the 2,670 votes with the second runner up, Koro Koro Koronya. It’s no surprise that Jinbe San won the hearts of the crowd with its adorable smile. It is actually one of the reasons why I came to like this character. Just looking at Jinbe San will surely put a smile on your face as well!

    Get A Load Of Jinbe San Goods!

    If you have a particular favorite character in Japan, they’re most likely to have a number of goods out there in the market for you to grab. This is no different for Jinbe San; the official San-X Net Shop is giving fans of the cute whale shark an opportunity to buy a huge Jinbe San plush doll at an enormous size of 120cm! That’s even larger than most kids, but it would surely be a great doll to hug at night!

    The price for the enormous Jinbe San plush doll is 29,800 yen, and they’re accepting orders now until March 19th. Those who purchase the plush doll can expect to get their orders by the first few weeks of July. If you are in any way interested in buying one, be sure to do it quick as they won’t be taking orders once they reach their set count limit.

    There is other Jinbe San merchandise up for grabs too, such as towels, IC Card pass cases, pouches, mugs and smaller plush dolls all available at the San-X Net Shop.

    There are so many characters available in Japan representing various brands that it’s easy to lose track of some of them. But I’m pretty sure if a certain character makes its mark or even stands out just like Jinbe San does, you will surely be able to distinguish them on the spot without hesitation.

    By introducing a cute mascot, companies hope to appeal to all ages and promote their brand further. What about your country? Do they also promote brands through characters and character goods just like how Japan does?

    San-X website

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