Don’t Miss Tokyo Disneyland’s Frozen Fantasy Event Ending Soon!

  • For a limited time, the special event Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy is back at Tokyo Disneyland! It is a great chance to meet some of the characters of Disney’s famous movie, Frozen, all around the park. If you’re a fan of this hit movie, why not check it out and find special parades, decorations, merchandise and more?

    Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy

    On January 13th, the winter event, Frozen Fantasy, started again at Tokyo Disneyland. It has been held annually over the past few years, but in 2017, a new highlight was added. With Frozen Forever, the theme park created a nighttime entertainment worth seeing. It includes highlight scenes from the Frozen movie for around 15 minutes, and the Cinderella Castle is also lit up. Enjoy the projection with famous songs from the movie and fireworks in the sky. They even make it snow as if Queen Elsa were really there!

    The program is shown once or twice every evening. Some lucky people can get tickets by lottery for reserved seats inside the central viewing area in front of Cinderella Castle! If you don’t win a ticket, don’t worry – if you head to the castle sometime before the show begins, you will be able to get a good view.

    The Frozen Parade

    For sure, the projection show is not the only attraction during the Frozen Fantasy event. A special Frozen Parade is rolling through the park, too. You can see the sisters, Anna and Elsa, and some of their friends on the big floats passing by on the regular parade route.

    Before the start of the parade, staff members will teach you a dance you can do later with everyone. It is a magical time with music, dancing, acting, and falling snow. The parade needs around 45 minutes to go through the whole Disneyland area, but if you stay in one place, it takes less than 15 minutes to watch.

    Winter Greeting

    Another highlight for children is the Anna and Elsa’s Winter Greeting. The show is held at the Castle Forecourt and lasts around 20 minutes. Only children can participate, and it is recommended you go there early to get a ticket.

    First, the villagers of Arendelle play with the children and teach them a dance. Later, Anna, Elsa, and Olaf arrive on a float and everyone sings and dances together while the famous song Let It Go is played. It is a fun program which might become an unforgettable memory for the little visitors of Tokyo Disneyland.

    Special Limited-Edition Food

    If you spend the whole day at Disneyland, you’ll sooner or later need to eat. There are also Frozen-themed dishes available! A special buffet is offered at the Crystal Palace Restaurant for 3,090 yen per person, which includes many character motif dishes.

    If that is a little over your budget, you can also find some cheaper special sets and snacks at different places around the theme park. You can choose between fried chicken and rice which looks like Olaf, a salmon avocado sandwich shaped like Elsa’s hair, and a lot of other dishes. Souvenir sets can also be bought, including sweets like berry yogurt mousse, cheesecake, cups, and plates.


    Disneyland wouldn’t be Disneyland if you weren’t able to buy merchandise of your favorite movies and characters. About 60 different types of special merchandise are sold during the Frozen Fantasy event, including headbands, sunglasses, and plush toys.

    If you are a Frozen fan and you’re interested in checking out this limited time event, hurry and plan your trip! The special event Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy is only held until March 17, 2017. Have a great time!

    Tokyo Disney Event website

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