TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION Gets Giant Inspiration from this Popular Anime!

  • Japan is often regarded as the mecca of anime culture as well as one of the worldwide centers of street style. In 2017, one can have the best of both worlds as a major fashion festival meets a popular anime for one “giant” collaboration. TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION will feature Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) for its 2017 Spring/Summer Collection.


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    『SDGs推進 TGC しずおか 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION』 ・ 2019年1月12日(⼟)ツインメッセ静岡 北館大展示場 ・ 📸WEGO #渡辺梨加(#欅坂46) #渡邉理佐(#欅坂46) #久間田琳加 @rinka_kumada0223 #鶴嶋乃愛 @felonyrose__n #紺野彩夏 @ayaka_konno_official #生見愛瑠 @meru_nukumi #田鍋梨々花 @ririka_tanabe_official #多屋来夢 @raimu0726_official #佐野勇斗(#MILK) @sanohayato_milk #板垣瑞生(#MILK) @itagakimizuki1025_milk ・ ・ ✨✨NEXT TGC✨✨ 『マイナビ presents 第28回 東京ガールズコレクション 2019 SPRING/SUMMER』 📅:2019年3月30日(土) 📍:横浜アリーナ ・ チケット絶賛発売中🔥 豪華モデル&ゲスト続々決定!DISH//、大原櫻子のスペシャルライブ💕映画『PRINCE OF LEGEND』のスペシャルステージも! ・ 詳しくはプロフィールの🔗から公式サイトをCHECK🌈 ・ #TGC #TOKYOGIRLSCOLLECTION #fashion #event #ootd #coordinate #model #japan #tokyo #girl #ファッション #東京ガールズコレクション #TGCしずおか

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    TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (TGC) is a biannual fashion festival that was inaugurated in 2005. It was first held near Tokyo and later on expanded to some local cities and even overseas. With different themes for each season, the runway show features collections from several domestic brands modeled by their muses – some famous fashion models and celebrities.

    The event is open to buyers, journalists, and even to the general public. Additional attractions include various kinds of entertainment, such as live performances by well-known artists and a pageant like Miss TGC. TGC also hosts charity auctions. But what makes this event unique is the way they allow people to do an on-the-spot purchase of the actual clothes worn on the runway!

    This event is planned and sponsored by Branding Inc.

    Attack on Titan

    Attack on Titan is an ongoing dark fantasy manga that started in 2009. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where giants who devour humans exist. At the brink of extinction, the remaining humans find solace behind the walls. But one day, a big and strong Colossus Titan breaches the Outer Wall, allowing the smaller kinds of these humanoids to run free and invade the human’s territory. This incident leads to the loss of many people including Eren Yeager’s mother who died at the hands of the Smiling Titan. Young Eren is forced to grow up too fast too soon so he can join the military, with an aim to avenge his mother by wiping out the Titans.

    Attack on Titan is a worldwide success. Aside from One Piece, this action-packed Hajime Isayama (諌山創) manga is one of the only two series ever to get an initial print surpassing two million copies. The anime also received positive criticism for its layered characters, dark but compelling atmosphere, the effectiveness of reflecting the hopelessness of today’s youth, and for some underlying political interpretations. Finally, the long-awaited second season of the anime will be aired on April 1, 2017.

    Inspiring Fashion

    From the Titans’ grotesque and unique forms to the Survey Corps’ eye-catching uniforms, Attack on Titan also captured the attention of fashionistas all over the world. On the spread of Koakuma Ageha (小悪魔アゲハ), a gyaru and lifestyle magazine, there was a feature of a model with titan makeup on.

    In 2014, Kodansha’s (講談社) FRaU women’s fashion magazine had badass Special Operations Squad Captain, Levi Ackerman, on the cover of its August issue. Proof of Levi being a fan favorite, he was then featured in ViVi magazine for its November issue. ViVi and BEAMS collaborated for a special Shingeki no Levi tote. The manga creator himself drew the illustration and chose the tote design from among the many samples.


    This 2017, TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION will bring Attack on Titan on the runway. An image of the cast of Attack on Titan has just been released, generating more hype for fashion fanatics and otakus at heart. Chief Erwin looks dapper in his monochromatic suit. Armin defies gender stereotypes in his effeminate ensemble. Eren goes for a black and white casual with a pop of yellow. Strong and stoic Mikasa goes girly with an off-shoulder, skirt, and platform sandals. Levi, of course, is a total diva in his tights.

    The 24th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2017 SPRING/SUMMER will be held at the Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium (代々木第一体育館) on March 25, 2017. Popular models will hit the runway in their Survey Corp jackets. Special commemorative goods will also be sold at the booths and will be available even for those without the TGC ticket. More information for this event can be found on their official sites.

    What do you think of this collaboration? Would you be interested in attending this show?

    TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2017 Event Website

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