Meet the Cute Japanese Character Rilakkuma and Friends!

  • Rilakkuma is a beloved character in Japan, where anything deemed “kawaii” has an excellent chance of becoming popular. So just who is Rilakkuma and what sort of characters make up his adorable group of friends?

    Who is Rilakkuma?

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    Rilakkuma is a popular Japanese mascot, cute brown-colored soft toy bear. The name of Rilakkuma stands for lazy bear, who wants to relax and does not want to move.

    Rilakkuma likes listening to music, watching TV, enjoying hot springs, and relaxing with Kaoru’s yellow cushion. Rilakkuma’s favorite foods are dumplings, pancakes, rice omelettes, and pudding. Even though Kiiroitori always scolds him, lazy Rilakkuma doesn’t mind.
    Rilakkuma Profile

    Rilakkuma lives with Kaoru (a 25-year-old office lady), Kolirakkuma (a small white bear), and Kiiroitori (a yellow bird).

    Who is Korilakkuma?

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    Korilakkuma is a small white bear that suddenly showed up from nowhere. Korilakkuma often copies what Rilakkuma does and says, even though Kolirakkuma is too young to speak properly. Just like Rilakkuma, Kolirakkuma also likes listening to music and playing pranks.

    Who is Kiiroitori?

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    Kiiroitori is a yellow bird Kaori has in her room. This bird likes cleaning after Rilakkuma messes the room, and finding out money at the corner of the room and saving it. Kiitoitori is often played a prank by Korilakkuma.

    What is that strange thing in the back side of Rilakkuma?

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    Some attentive people already found! There is a zipper only in the back side of Rilakkuma. Don’t you think you want to open that zipper and know what is inside?
    By opening Rilakkuma’s zipper, we can only find something that is blue and polka-dotted.
    There are some rumors about the insides of Rilakkuma among people.
    ☆just a bear
    ☆a small old man
    ☆Kaoru’s boyfriend who does not work and lives with her
    ☆an alien
    ☆an thick object
    ☆another zipper after a zipper

    ☆Rilakkuma cares about Kaoru as Kaoru’s father since she quarreled with him when she left home and started living alone.
    Actually there is no clue to clarify what Rilakkuma really is except the statement in the official website, which Rilakkuma is the stuffed bear which lives in Kaoru’s house. We never know the inside of Rilakkuma. It is believed as a mysterious cute bear.
    For That reason that his cute face has submerged the children’s memories all around the world and that have been integrated at differents kinds of creatives products.
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