Your Ultimate Guide to the 11 Best Thrift Shops in Shimokitazawa

  • In the trendy, low-key neighborhood of Shimokitazawa (下北沢), you can find all sorts of stores and places. On a day when you feel like going on a little exploration, Shimokitazawa’s vintage stores and quaint cafes can keep you occupied.

    Previously, I have written about the thrift and vintage stores you can visit in Harajuku (原宿). But when I’m not in Harajuku, I’m searching out secondhand stores in other parts of Tokyo. If you get the chance to visit Shimokitazawa, you will find thrift stores scattered all around the cute neighborhood’s winding streets. There are some chain stores that you’ll find in both Harajuku and Shimokitazawa but here are my favorite 11 thrift shops you can find in Shimokitazawa.

    The Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Guide (下北沢一番街ガイド)

    Whether you are looking for a specific store or cafe or you’ve ended up lost in the tangle of streets, make sure to look for the Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Guide. The Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Guide is a touchscreen computer that contains an interactive map of the neighborhood and is located at the south side of Sakae-dori Street (栄通り).

    The guide is tourist-friendly with a number of languages available so that you can search for stores and cafes in the area. Even if you do not have a specific place in mind and you’re just looking to browse, the shops are divided into categories so you can pick a certain area to explore. Once you click on a place, details such as opening hours and the address will be flashed on the screen.

    Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Guide Website
    Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Guide Access

    1. Shimokita Garage Department

    Shimokita Garage Department is also known as “Toyo Department” (東洋百貨店). Here, you will find a collection of various stores selling second hand goods and even handmade crafts. In some ways, it is similar to a department store but with the benefit of unconventional and unique items. This store gives off great vintage vibes with the chance to chat with the artists behind the handmade crafts.

    Shimokita Garage Department Website *Japanese only
    Shimokita Garage Department Access

    2. Ragla Magla (ラグラマグラ)

    It is easy to spot Ragla Magla thanks to its neon-lit sign. This shop has a huge collection of men’s and women’s clothing, Western-style items, bags, shoes, and accessories. Ragla Magla also has a section where everything is sold at 990 yen. For great deals, Ragla Magla is undoubtedly one of the best places to shop.

    Ragla Magla Website *Japanese only
    Ragla Magla Access

    3. Stick Out (スティックアウト)

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    The items here at Stick Out are all priced at 700 yen. It is another great store to visit if you are looking for one-offs at a reasonable price. This place tends to get quite crowded, so make sure to visit on a weekday!

    Stick Out Website *Japanese only
    Stick Out Access

    4. Ocean BLVD (オーシャンブルバード)

    Ocean BLVD

    Ocean BLVD has a wide selection of vintage and secondhand items that are almost spilling out into the street. Here, you can find lots of unique and quirky items. This store has vintage lovers coming back for more treasures.

    Ocean BLVD Website *Japanese only
    Ocean BLVD Access

    5. Grand Bazaar Mega Store

    Grand Bazaar Mega Store is a second hand clothing shop located in a three-storey building. Each floor has a different concept and sells items based on different categories. This store is especially great for Lolita lovers because the third floor is specifically dedicated to second hand Lolita fashion. Usually a pricey genre of clothing, Lolita fashion fans are in for a treat with the discounted prices at Grand Bazaar Mega Store.

    Grand Bazaar Mega Store Website *Japanese only
    Grand Bazaar Mega Store Access

    6. New York Joe Exchange (ニューヨークジョーエクスチェンジ)

    New York Joe Exchange is a store where you can bring your old clothes and have them exchanged for store credit, which you can then use to buy clothes in the store. Of course, you can also buy clothing without exchanging. The store’s 50% off sales will get you some incredible bargains but be warned that these sales are no secret so get ready to fight for that 300 yen polo neck sweater.

    New York Joe Exchange Website
    New York Joe Exchange Access

    7. Eco Wear Market (エコウェアマーケット)

    Eco Wear Market is a clothing shop filled with well-curated and cheap items. You can even find Japanese fashion brand items in store for a fraction of their original price.

    Eco Wear Market Access

    8. Swing Toys (スイングトイズ)

    If you are a retro toy collector, then you have to see the items at Swing Toys. From Disney to Studio Ghibli to Marvel. They have it all. Since they sell mostly vintage toys, price tags can be on the pricey side. However, there are bargain shelves in store that you can also check out.

    Swing Toys Website *Japanese only
    Swing Toys Access

    9. Grapefruit Moon (グレープフルーツムーン)

    At Grapefruit Moon, you will see a mix of secondhand and brand new items. A lot of the items in store are a bit on the expensive side, but do not let the prices prevent you from entering. Even if you do not buy anything, you can still appreciate the amazing interior of the store.

    Grapefruit Moon Website *Japanese only
    Grapefruit Moon Access

    10. Haight & Ashbury (ヘイトアンドアシュバリー)

    Haight and Ashbury is a very popular and iconic store in Shimokitazawa. This store has a great collection of authentic 19th and 20th century vintage items. Although a little more costly than some stores, this is the place for those that are into hand-picked luxury items that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Haight & Ashbury Website *Japanese only
    Haight & Ashbury Access

    11. Ruby Tuesday (ルビーチューズデー)

    Ruby Tuesday

    For vintage menswear with a hint of British style, Ruby Tuesday is a must visit. A lot of the items here give off a 60s or 70s modish vibe.

    Ruby Tuesday Access

    The vintage shops in Shimokitazawa are simply amazing. With over 100 stores here, you can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of options you have. But, Shimokita will always be there so take your time and we’ll see you there again next weekend! Having a calm and collected mind while thrift shopping will allow you to find those unique pieces without making any rash decisions. But if you are planning a marathon shopping trip, bring a mini suitcase and shop away to your heart’s content! Take note of these tips and you’re sure to fall in love with Shimokitazawa as quickly as I did!

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