“Parfait” The Perfect Modern Japanese Dessert

  • While talking about Japanese dessert, we can’t forget about “Parfait” written in Katakana(パフェ)as it is an imported word, the perfect Modern Japanese dessert as it name indicates it. Inspired from the one of the most elegant and raffinate gastronomy, “Parfait” is designed and created to follow the French flow. It is why it is called “Parfait” that mean “Perfect” in French.

    “Parfait” is a frozen dessert that was created in 1894. If you ever watched Japanese anime, for example in the Episode 8 of Spice and Wolf (Wolf and Virtuous Scales,”Parfait” is shown as an huge ice cream with honey-pickled fruits served in a tall glass. This “Oishisoo” dessert is served in general in an American-style with some fruit and bread/cake at the top with some garnishes such as Pocky sticks, choco rolls, and waffle. There are many variants of “Parfait” for all tastes and people who like dessert can enjoy eating it for a the acceptable price of 200 yen-2000 yen depending on the garniture.

    Berry Yogurt “Parfait”

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    MixBerry Yogurt “Parfait”, is a combination between strawberry and blueberry on the top of smooth layered yogurt cream, with cream that rise to the top to make this “Parfait” looking delicious.

    Caramel Waffle “Parfait”

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    This “Parfait” is a combination of melted caramel over the ice cream ball with delicious waffles on it that should be sweet. Decoration with berry fruits makes it looking glorious.

    “Parfait” in Karafuneya

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    Karafuneya Coffee is a coffee shop that established on February 1, 2006. It is located in Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo. They provide 36 kind of decorated “Parfaits” that listed on their website with low cost.

    Giant Ice-Cream “Parfait” Cafe

    It is a very tall “Parfait” made by Cafe Olympic, a small restaurant in Nagasaki, Japan. This cafe known as “Parfait Heaven”. They have jumbo-sized parfaits with height from 1.5 ft. to 4 ft.

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    The tallest “Parfait” that has been made by this cafe is “Nagasaki Dream Tower” with 120 cm in height. This “Parfait” was filled with many delicious things- ice cream and its cones, chocolate cake, whipped cream, corn cake, cheesecake and a lot of fruits. There was an Olympic Rings on the top because it is their cafe name and is a mark to welcome the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They needed several of people to finish that parfait.

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