Weekend Escape, Nagoya Port and Surroundings

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  • For those who live or stay in Nagoya, and feel bored travelling around the city on the weekends, I have a good place you can visit which is not too far. In other words, you can reach it by subway. The place is Nagoya port. It may sound like it’s far, Nagoya port only has a port and an aquarium. But actually there are some places around there that are very cool and will be great for spending the weekend. So what can you do around Nagoya port? Let’s see!

    Nagoya Port Public Aquarium

    Amazing Aquarium Display at Nagoya Port Public Aquarium

    This is an amazing public aquarium with the largest outdoor tank where you can see the whales, dolphins, penguins, and other sea mammals! Some animals also have shows. There is a ticket that includes Antarctic ship, the port observatory and maritime museum. Don’t worry when you feel hungry, plenty of seafood restaurants are available around.


    Sightseeing Boat

    Take a Boat to Enjoy the Sea around the Port

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    You can enjoy the view on the port and the sea by taking this sightseeing boat. The tour is around 30 minutes and totally gives you a different perspective of Nagoya and fresh sea breeze. The admission for this boat is 1000 yen.

    Nagoya Port Wildflower Garden

    Beautiful Wildflower Garden

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    Bluebonnet is the name of Nagoya Port Wildflower Garden. The flowers are wild and grow without any attention. People come to this garden after the boat cruise. The garden is amazingly beautiful. You can relax for a while and then visit the café in the garden. There are 22 mini gardens featuring model gardens by famous British garden designer, Robin Williams. You can visit this site for more information: http://www.wfg-bluebonnet.com/ (Japanese).


    Enjoy the Harbour

    Nice Place to Relax

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    The harbor itself has a pleasant atmosphere. You can spend some time here and enjoy the sea and ships scenery before going back to the city center. Don’t forget to take a photo of this beautiful sight.