Smell Good with J-Pop Group Perfume’s Original Fragrance!

  • Celebrity groups or icons that have carved their names in Japan’s music industry are sure to keep their fame for quite some time. If they have lasted in the industry for more than a decade, then it’s proof that they have made a strong impact on their fans.

    Aside from making appearances in music shows and commercials, selling singles and albums and the likes, these celebrities are also given the opportunity to bring out merchandise goods. You might be familiar with the famous Japanese pop girl group, Perfume (パフューム). Can you guess what product they’ll be bringing out for their fans? Read on to find out!

    Perfume’s 1st Single Anniversary

    It was in 2000 when the technopop group, Perfume, was formed at the Actor’s School Hiroshima (広島) with current members Yuka Kashino (樫野有香) or “Kashiyuka,” Ayaka Nishiwaki (西脇綾香) or “A-chan,” and Ayano Omoto (大本彩乃) or “Nocchi” comprising the group. Two years after that, on March 21, 2002, they debuted their first single in Hiroshima entitled “OMAJINAI☆Perori.”

    Now that it’s 2017, 15 years have passed since Perfume’s first single debut. So in order to commemorate the special event, the group is finally giving in to the request of their many fans – to produce an original perfume. And what better way to the give the fans their much-awaited request than to provide the scent on the exact day of the group’s first single anniversary!


    Perfume fans have waited for it, and now it has finally arrived! The originally produced 「PERFUME OF PERFUME」 (Japanese only) will go on sale at selected Isetan Mitsukoshi (伊勢丹三越) Group malls from March 21, 2017. Since it’s a unisex fragrance, it is fit for all male and female fans of the group. The scent was also based on the aroma oil that the members put on before they go live on stage for their performances.

    The scent of the perfume starts off with a fresh mix of grapefruit and ylang-ylang, which is then followed by a floral note of lavender and rose, finally turning to a sweet and spicy scent of cloves for the perfect finish. The perfume is contained in a slim bottle, which was selected by the members themselves, and it comes with a pouch so you can easily bring it with you anywhere you go. The packaging’s design will also surely remind you of the technopop group. 「PERFUME OF PERFUME」 will be available in 10mL bottles and will be sold for 3,000 each (tax included).

    Perfume has been performing under the spotlight for more than a decade and a half now and there is no doubt that this group has made it far in their career thanks to their hip and lively music.

    For those fans of Perfume who have waited long for the group to release their original fragrance, now is your time to get your hands on 「PERFUME OF PERFUME」. So make sure to check out your nearest Isetan Mitsukoshi Group malls and don’t miss out on this chance!

    Perfume’s Official Website *Automatic translation available

    Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Website

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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