5 things that make Japan successful

  • Japan has seen a lot of troubles, faced a lot of orders since long ago, whether it was the rule of the dictator Tojo, the atom bomb disaster, tsunami or the frequent earthquakes. The country is a living example of how a unity of the nation can lead it to the top in every field. The indefatigable spirit of this country is commendable and the world MUST know what sets this nation and its people apart from the others. These points bring out why Japan has such a successful modern history and is a great inspiration for the world.

    1. The Spirit

    The country has always put up bold and brave faces even in the worst of times, like after the atom bomb dropping or Fukushima nuclear disaster, and has defied all odds and risen to the top every time, both man-made and natural disasters have tested people’s endurance, patience, and perseverance.

    2. Punctuality

    The nation is famous for their meticulousness about time and giving importance to managing time wisely and productively. The young and the old alike carry a schedule diary with them to plan their daily, monthly tasks and events and make sure to accomplish them all within the given time frame.
    It is a fact that the yearly delay of trains in Japan is on average about 7 seconds. This is a proof of how precise and accurate the nation and its people are, making every nanosecond count and making the most of it.

    3. Discipline

    The country is very blessed to have evolved as a disciplined nation where the citizens bet, respect and follow the rules and regulations, and honor the rule of the law. The people do not talk on phones on the train, help a differently abled person first, and do not litter in public places, these are the basic instances which reflect the sincerity among the people, and prove, that all it takes for a nation to prosper is the cooperation of its citizens in keeping the country clean, it functions smoothly and efficiently.

    4. Politeness

    Bowing every time when greeting others, being soft-spoken, generosity towards others, helping nature – are the traits which reveal that the Japanese people are extremely polite, helpful and humble beings. Helping a tourist with language or directions, helping a differently abled person, respecting all other people, and beautiful use of ‘Irrashiyamase(welcome)’, ‘Arigato Gosaimasu(Thank you)’, show that the smile on their faces and their voices are genuine, real, warming and very soothing.

    5. No Errors Attitude

    The aim for maximum efficiency and striving for zero errors is extremely impressive. All the processes and systems in Japan are absolutely smooth and hassle-free. People and technology go hand in hand to ensure this level of perfection and precision in every field. Ensuring no error/mistake/defect, making every product/service of the top-notch quality and motivating everyone to strive for nothing but best, is a characteristic trait of the country and its people.