Sweeten Up Your Trip to Ikebukuro with These 3 Dessert Shops Within the Station

  • Ikebukuro (池袋) is one of the main stations of the JR Yamanote Line (山手線). It has been a very popular station for it is in the boundary of Tokyo (東京) and Saitama (埼玉). It also houses Sunshine City – a very popular place for teenagers where you can see J-WORLD, Sunshine Aquarium, and a bunch of specialized shops and cafes. However, many people who go to Ikebukuro tend to just go straight to Sunshine City or transfer to another train going to Saitama. Thus, many are unfamiliar with the best dessert shops in the vicinity of the station. Now, let’s breathe, take our time, and explore three great dessert shops in Ikebukuro Station!

    1. chocoholic

    chocoholic is a cake shop located near the north exit of Ikebukuro Station. They sell cakes with cute animal faces. Each animal has a corresponding flavor and they range from chiffon to ice cream cakes. Unlike cakes from supermarkets and convenience stores, the sweetness of the cakes from this shop is very mild. You can definitely have seconds and thirds without drying your throat. Small cakes cost around 500 yen (approx. $5), while the bigger ones cost around 2,000 yen (approx. $20).

    *Note: This shop is closing around the end of March 2017, so hurry up and try their delicious treats before it’s too late!

    *Please note that this shop is now closed.


    If you are coming from the JR Yamanote Line and exiting at the central ticket gate, you will definitely smell the sweet scent of baked cheese. Normally, you will see people standing in line for this shop and it usually takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes before you can actually order. However, it is definitely worth the wait! Their cheese tarts have been very popular that BAKE CHEESE TART has been franchised in several countries around Asia. One will definitely not be able to resist the fluffiness of the freshly baked cheese for it melts like butter in your mouth.

    If you do not want to wait in line for another 30 minutes, do not just try one, instead, get two or more for yourself right away! You can buy it for 216 yen (approx. $2) per piece.


    3. RINGO

    The word “ringo (りんご)” literally translates to “apple” in English, so you can guess that RINGO’s specialty is an apple-related dessert. This shop’s queue is the busiest among the three on this list and their apple pies sell out easily.

    Normally, you need to wait in line for 15 to 30 minutes, too, but during peak hours, it could take longer. But as one may describe, the taste of RINGO’s apple pies is one of a kind, so the wait should be worthwhile. The crunchiness of the crust blends well with the spongy cream and baked apple that are sandwiched within. Note, however, that because of the customers’ demands, the shop only allows customers to buy a maximum of 4 apple pies per person.

    This shop is located outside the east exit of Ikebukuro Station, but there are two east exits, so be sure to use the exit with an owl statue. From there, just turn left and you’ll reach it in approximately just a minute. An apple pie from this shop costs 400 yen (approx. $4) per piece.

    RINGO Website

    If you plan to visit Ikebukuro or you are just transferring trains there, be sure to drop by these dessert shops and try the sweetness of their mouth-watering treats! There are other dessert shops around the area, but these are definitely the popular ones among the locals that tourists must try!

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