Love Arashi? One of Their Members is Going to Star in This New J-Drama!

  • Arashi (嵐) is a popular idol group of singers under Johnny’s Entertainment. Did you know that one of their members, Aiba Masaki (相葉雅紀), is set to star in a primetime drama on Fuji TV (フジテレビ) this spring 2017? This drama will also serve as a celebration of Fuji TV’s 30th year anniversary of Getsu9 (月9). Check it out below!

    Kizoku Tantei

    The title of the said drama is Kizoku Tantei (貴族探偵), or Aristocrat Detective in English, which will be based on the suspense novels of the same title by Maya Yutaka (麻耶雄嵩). It will star Arashi’s Aiba Masaki as a noble and mysterious detective. There’s no information about his real name, age, or background and he is only addressed as “Kizoku (貴族)” which means “aristocrat,” “Shu (主)” which means “master,” or “Gozen (御前)” which means “lord.”

    The detective has an interest in solving mysteries and is interested in talking with the women he meets at the crime scenes. With the help of his understudies, he is able to assist the police with his keen observation.

    Kizoku Tantei will start airing on April 17, 2017, Monday, at 9:00 PM JST on Fuji TV. The scriptwriter responsible for this show is Kuroiwa Tsutomu (黒岩勉) who also worked with Boku no Yabai Tsuma (僕のヤバイ妻), Samurai Sensei (サムライせんせい), and Yokoso, Wagaya e (ようこそ、わが家へ). Yokoso, Wagaya e also featured Aiba Masaki as its main lead alongside Sawajiri Erika (沢尻エリカ) and Arimura Kasumi (有村架純).


    Aside from Aiba Masaki, known actors and actresses such as Takei Emi (武井咲), Igawa Haruka (井川遥), Namase Katsuhisa (生瀬勝久), Nakama Yukie (仲間由紀恵), Takito Kenichi (滝藤賢一), Nakayama Miho (中山美穂), and Matsushige Yutaka (松重豊) are also part of the cast.

    Japanese “it” girl, Takei Emi will play as Kotoku Aika (高徳愛香), a rookie police officer and a rival to the noble detective.

    Namase Katsuhisa will portray a police detective who works with the aristocrat detective at the orders of his superiors.

    Another actress that will be part of the cast is Igawa Haruka, who will act as a mentor to Kotoku.
    Other cast members include Takito Kenichi who will act as the chauffeur Sato (佐藤), Nakayama Miho as the maid Tanaka (田中), Matsushige Yutaka as the loyal butler, and Nakama Yukie whose role is still unknown.

    After 15 years since Home and Away (ホーム&アウェイ), this will be Nakayama Miho’s first appearance in a Getsu9 drama.

    Aiba Masaki, who was also cast for the Getsu9 drama Yokoso, Wagaya e before, said that he’s nervous about portraying the aristocrat detective role since the other actors appearing in this drama are truly talented! He also expressed that he hasn’t played such type of character prior to this show but thinks that he will enjoy it.

    Personal Thoughts on Kizoku Tantei

    One of my favorite Japanese actresses, Takei Emi, is part of the cast, so I’m planning to follow this drama! I’m also looking forward to Aiba Masaki’s acting since it’s been a while since I last watched him in a TV drama. The rest of the actors and actresses are also big in show business.

    Again, the show is set to air on Mondays at 9:00 PM JST beginning April 17, 2017. This is considered primetime, so I’m sure this drama will be a huge hit in Japan!

    Kizoku Tantei Website *Japanese only

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