4 Extreme Sports in Japan

  • When you think of extreme sports in Japan, it may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Many people think of Japan as a tranquil nation where technology and spirituality live side by side in nature. However, Japan has an adrenaline filled side and for those of you who love extreme sports but also want to visit Japan… why not do both!

    1. White Water Rafting

    Rafting in Japan is a brilliant mix of extreme rapids and stunning scenery. As Japan is a very mountainous country, there are many places where you can find spring water rivers filled with white, or black, water. One of the best places for white water rafting in Japan is located in the prefecture of Gunma, north of Tokyo. Gunma is easily accessible from Tokyo either by Shinkansen or train depending on your budget. In Gunma you will find a vast selection of extreme sports involving water, rapids and cliffs where you can raft, kayak or engage in canyoning- sliding down waterfalls and jumping from cliffs. If you visit Gunma don’t forget to view the late cherry blossoms during the spring melt or visit the areas numerous onsen.

    2. Skiing

    Also skiing does not spring to mind when thinking of Japan, but a country covered in mountains has a lot to offer if powder is what you enjoy. Gunma offers a selection of ski or boarding courses and resorts but the most northern island, Hokkaido offer the most. It is said that the snow in Hokkaido is superior to that in Honshu, the main island of Japan, so makes for better snow sports. Hokkaido also offers many natural onsen, brilliant after a hard day on the slopes to soothe your tired muscles.

    3. Biking

    If you prefer your adventure to be on wheels, Japan also has something for you. It is mountain biking. The terrain of Japan is exquisite with natural valleys and hills to really push the limits of staying on board.

    4. Paragliding

    Don’t want to have your feet on dry, or wet? Want to view the beautiful scenery Japan has to offer from the air? There are many sites throughout Japan where paragliding is on offer, even if you are a complete novice. Seeing Mount Fuji and the five lakes area from the air gives unrivalled views of this national park, and the hight.


    Perhaps when you are next in Japan, you would try some of the extreme sports that are on offer, why not get your adrenaline pumping in one of the most beautiful locations possible!