7 of the most famous Japanese dishes

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  • The Japanese cuisine is renowned for its emphasis on flavours, presentation finesse and combining various ingredients to create new dishes. Living in Japan, it is necessary that all of us know the culinary heritage of the country and the amazing foods it offers.

    Here is the list of some basic food items/dishes/ingredients that everyone living in Japan must know about. Get familiar with this list of all the yummy things if you are a dummy when it comes to Japanese cuisine.


    The most popular Japanese delicacy consisting of cooked rice with seafood, vegetables and other ingredients wrapped in a ‘nori’ or seaweed paper. Try out the kaitenzushi or the sushi served via a conveyor belt, which will spoil you with the variety of sushi you get to eat. It is eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. All the seafood lovers must try various sushi and tickle their palate by the clean and pure flavours incorporated in the beautiful sushi rolls.


    The healthy and refreshing Japanese green tea is made of the finely grounded powder of matcha. This powder is not only used in the teas but also used as a flavouring agent in cakes, ice creams, pastries, chocolates, smoothies and even in the popular snack Pocky!! The most heavenly one among Matcha desserts are parfait, pudding and cheesecake-they are simply amazing. Matcha has a distinct bittersweet taste and is ubiquitous in Japan.

    3. Ramen

    A very popular noodle-based soup dish consists of noodles served in a meat-based broth, flavoured with soy sauce or miso paste and topped with meat pieces. It is a Chinese cuisine inspired dish and every region in Japan has its own type of Ramen. The ramen places are amongst the busiest places as they are thronged with people who want to treat themselves to a hot and spicy dish!!


    Yakiniku or grilled meat refers to all kinds of meat grilled barbeque style. The bite-sized beef or other meats are grilled with sauces and enjoyed with rice or beer. The 29th of August is an official Yakiniku day !!!


    This is a dumping-like Japanese sweet made of rice flour and served as 4 balls on a skewer. A mildly sweet delicacy, it is available at almost every convenience store, supermarket or grocery store. It is usually eaten with green tea, and one of the most appealing ones is a sakura dango consisting of white, green, and pink balls.


    Wasabi or Japanese horseradish is a very pungent ingredient used as a condiment or sauce with various foods. The green paste or powder has to be mixed with water and it has a hot, strong flavour. Available in almost all supermarkets, wasabi is commonly eaten with sushi or sashimi.


    Sake or rice wine is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice. It is a national beverage and is often served in a special way by warming it in earthenware bottles called ‘tokkuri’ and then sipped from a cup called ‘guinomi’.

    After reading this, I am sure your mouth is already watering, so go now, grab these delicacies and treat yourself!!!