Have a Multi-Leg Journey to Far-Flung Regions in Japan with This Limited JR Pass

  • The most popular means to explore Japan is through the Japan Railways (JR). It is very convenient, especially for tourists who enjoy the advantage of all-you-can-ride passes to different parts of the country. To commemorate JR East’s 30th anniversary, they will be releasing a special pass called the “JR East 30th Anniversary Pass (JR東⽇本30周年記念パス),” which will allow an unlimited use of regular and rapid trains on the JR East network. This is surely one of the best options to save money if you’re planning on traveling in Japan this summer 2017. Read on to find out more about it!

    JR East


    East Japan Railway, or JR East, is one of the seven Japan Railways Group companies and a major form of transportation based in Tokyo. Its railway lines serve the Kanto (関東) and Tohoku (東北) regions, and prefectures like Niigata (新潟), Nagano (長野), Yamanashi (山梨), and Shizuoka (静岡). It also operates all of the bullet trains in the northern part of Tokyo.

    The current JR East passes only work on the JR lines. They can get you from one city to the next but cannot be used for local buses, subways, or non-JR trains. Japan is better connected by roads rather than railway lines so you have to expect that there are some places that lack JR coverage, meaning that you have to cover your other journeys at additional fees.

    JR East 30th Anniversary Pass


    If you’d like to travel for fun in Tokyo as well as outside the capital, you should take advantage of the special JR East 30th Anniversary Pass, which is a three-day unlimited pass on the JR East network. This will allow travelers to navigate as far as Yamanashi and Niigata Prefectures on the west side, the Pacific coast of Chiba (千葉) on the east, and Tohoku on the northernmost part of the country.

    The JR East 30th Anniversary Pass is going to be available to both locals and foreign tourists and will be priced at 13,000 yen for adults and 3,000 yen for children who are 11 years old and under. This is very affordable compared to the usual price of 18,000 to 20,000 yen (adults) for the JR East’s pre-existing passes, which cover only the eastern or western half of Japan and are only available to temporary visitors. However, this pass can only be purchased at JR East stations and JR East Travel Service Centers and will be on sale for a limited time from June 21 to July 26, 2017.

    Aside from the JR East lines, this pass will also allow passengers an access to the following railway networks:

    • Iwate Galaxy Railway Line (IGRいわて銀河鉄道) – connects Morioka Station (盛岡駅) in Morioka (盛岡), Iwate (岩手) to Metoki Station (目時駅) in Sannohe (三戸), Aomori (青森)
    • Aoimori Railway Line (青い森鉄道) – connects Metoki Station in Sannohe, Aomori to Aomori Station (青森駅) in Aomori, Aomori
    • Hokuetsu Express (北越急行) – in Niigata

    If you’d prefer to use the bullet train, you may do so by paying an additional fee. You may also opt to use the express trains. The purchased pass will be activated between July 21 and July 31, 2017.

    This is an opportunity for passengers to take advantage of traveling to different parts of Japan. Learn the different important areas of the country with the use of this special JR East pass!

    JR East 30th Anniversary Pass Official Press Release *Japanese only

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