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    When you think about Japanese winter, what do you imagine? Winter in Japan can be quite freezing, especially in the northern regions. So how to protect your body from the cold weather and how to warm up?

    Japanese people have a habit of taking a bath daily. And especially in winter, we often go to an Onsen(a hot spring). Onsens have positive effects on your health, provide relaxation, and are good for skin care. In most cases, there is a cost to take a bath, and sometimes it might seem a little too expensive. In Japan, there are around 38,000 hot spring sources. The number of Onsens is around 3,000, they are mostly located in the hotels or lodges. So you have to pay to take a bath. Almost all of the visitors who go to any Japanese Onsen may think that Onsen is natural, but often these Spas are owned by the hotels or lodges, and many think that those are artificial hot springs built for business.

    In this article I’d like to share the real free Onsens, that would provide you a great experience.

    Otani Onsen Rotenburo (Nagano)

    Nagano is a region in central Japan and it is famous for ski resorts and its snowy mountains. Now you can fulfil your winter experience by soaking in a real hotspring!

    Noboribetsu Onsen (Hokkaido)

    Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan, and is, indeed, the coldest. Apart from winter sports, the area is also famous for its amazing nature. You can enjoy it to the fullest as you are bathing in the hot healing waters.

    Babadani Onsen (Toyama)

    Toyama Prefecture is located right next to Nagano on the main island of Japan. This area is famous for winter sports and amazing nature, too.

    Those Onsens are not owned by any hotel or lodge, so you can visit them for free.
    And these places are quite far from cities and central stations, they are surrounded by nature and you can fully relax and enjoy the view.
    Onsens do not only clear your body of toxins, but they also clear your mind.

    If you ever get a chance, you should definitely visit these hotsprings! Especially if you visit Japan in winter.

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