Calling All Otaku! Sing or Wink Your Way to a Job in This Japanese Company!

  • Job hunting in Japan is a serious business. It means visiting countless job fairs and doing several internships. Graduating college and university students have to do this in advance so that it won’t be hard for them to find an ideal work in the future. Usually, companies focus on fresh graduates so they lose their advantage if they put job hunting aside.

    Currently, an entertainment company in Japan is on the lookout for students on their third or fourth year who are interested in joining them. The unique thing about this is that they are looking for people who are keen on otaku culture. Sounds unique and interesting, right? Read on to find out more about it!

    Job Hunting in Japan


    In some countries, people look for jobs after they graduate from school. In Japan, however, this is not the case. Students are already expected to hunt for jobs during their junior and senior years in college or university. Many of them want to get a job as soon as possible so they usually take part in information sessions, which are held nationwide.

    As for companies, they do not necessarily look for applicants who are immediately effective but instead target those who have a potential in working with them. Most of the time, students find employment before they graduate. Companies do not mind giving them support and basic training.

    The Job Fairs

    What makes the Japanese country different is its love for anime and manga. Some people take so much interest in them to the point that they become obsessive. Most of these people lack interpersonal skills as they are usually confined in their own world. Sometimes, it can even be difficult for them to stand out from others in job fairs.

    But here’s the good news for otaku fans! City Communications Inc. (株式会社シティコミュニケーションズ), a Japanese entertainment company, is actually looking for candidates who have the passion for manga and animation to join their company. As such, they will be holding job fairs from April to May of 2017.

    1. Anime Song Performance


    This particular job fair will test how good the applicants are in singing and performing an anime song. Open trials will be held at STARS@City [Anison Cafe] ~Hinodecho~ (日ノ出町) in Yokohama (横浜) on the following dates: April 4, April 18, May 17, and May 29, 2017.

    STARS@City [Anison Cafe] ~Hinodecho~ Website

    2. Wink Murder

    If singing is not your passion, you may attend another job fair at DiCE [Internet Cafe]~Ikebukuro~ (池袋) in Tokyo (東京). The selection process will be done through the popular game called Wink Murder, a parlor game wherein a secretly selected player is able to “kill” others by winking at them. The game usually lasts for about an hour. This job fair will be held on April 10 and May 23, 2017.

    DiCE [Internet Cafe]~Ikebukuro~ Website

    If you feel like you are a potential candidate for the job and you like manga and animation so much, then don’t hesitate to join the aforementioned job fairs. Take note, however, that the company is prioritizing students who are on their third or fourth year and about to graduate in the spring of 2018. But if you have what it takes, then go for it!

    City Communications Inc. Website *Japanese only

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