Check Out This Event in Osaka With All-You-Can-Eat Green Tea Treats!

  • Spring season in Japan attracts attention from tourists from all around the world every year. The hanami (花見), or cherry blossom viewing, is no doubt the main reason to visit the country during this season. Whether with your family or friends, you’ll surely enjoy the time you’ll spend with them in spring.

    But Japan isn’t only popular for its sakura (桜; cherry blossoms) in this season. What would a trip to Japan be without trying out the food that this country has to offer? One very popular item that Japan is known for from people all around is matcha, and it is said that after the sakura season is matcha (抹茶) season!

    The Matcha Boom


    A “boom” is a term used to identify a certain trend. In the past few years, the “matcha” became a boom in other countries for quite a number of reasons, such as companies incorporating matcha to their products like the popular matcha Kitkat, matcha flavored ice cream, matcha-infused food and many more. Matcha’s popularity became big that the “matcha boom” came to be.

    If you’re coming to Japan soon and looking forward to indulging yourself with some good matcha treats, check out what this hotel is about to offer!

    Matcha Mania Returns

    The season for matcha treats is upon us, and what better way to celebrate it by having an all-you-can-eat treat!

    From April 1st to August 27th 2017, the Hyatt Regency Osaka will be bringing back their popular Matcha Mania at their lobby lounge on the 1st floor during the weekends and holidays. The Matcha Mania was first started in September 2016 and reservations were quickly flooded.

    At the main matcha sweets table, guests are able to indulge in a variety of sweets, including a matcha fountain, paris-brest, cheesecake, chiffon cake, macarons, and many more, all of course with matcha included.

    But what’s new for this year is the addition of the recommended mini wagashi (和菓子), or Japanese confectionery bar. You can freely make your own parfait by choosing your own toppings. Another thing to look forward to is the live cooking corner, where a pastry chef will dish up a rich matcha creme brulee right in front of your eyes! This is limited only during the spring season.

    For those who want to get a heavier fill, the hotel chef can prep for you their savory menu, including a long sandwich, which of course has hidden matcha in it for that extra flavor. You can also try out and compare seven kinds of Japanese tea and the uji tea set as well.

    The price for the Matcha Mania buffet is 3,900 yen for adults and 1,950 for kids exclusive of tax. If you come with the dress code they assign, which is wearing green or putting on green accessories, the price you’ll pay will only have to be 3,600 yen!

    So for those of you who will be making their way to Japan and particularly Osaka, make sure to drop by the Hyatt Regency Osaka and indulge yourself with a number of matcha treats that’ll surely make your stay in Japan more enjoyable!

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