Spring Women Fashion: Japanese Style

  • Too warm, but not hot enough

    The season has changed! Sakura has already gone and summer is coming. The air is getting warmer (or even hotter!). People hide their coats and jackets and wear lighter clothes.

    For those of you who want to travel to Japan in the nearest future, or even for those who live in Japan but do not know what to wear in this season when it seems so warm but not yet hot, these are some common outfits from Japanese girls that you might see outside. The styles are nice and edgy at the same time. It wouldn’t be wrong of you to look at their styles and get some inspiration.

    So, what do Japanese girls wear in this season?

    A dress is a good idea to start summer. Dark color in the warm air will give a cooler feeling. Don’t forget to used some accessories such as hats.

    Some vintage colors like grey, ivory white and chocolate are now quite popular among Japanese. You will have a cute yet edgy look with these colors. The hairband also compliments the look well.

    Many Japanese girls prefer girly styles. Summer flower printed dresses are very popular. The bohemian style with flower prints like this is worth a try and can give you a completely different look! Of course you will look elegant as well.

    Summer means you can finally wear your shorts! Use your shorts with a nice blouse. You don’t have to always wear it with a t-shirt. It’s great to wear it to a hang-out with friends or other informal activities.

    The girls in Japan also like to wear skirts, for example tight uniform-like skirts. This kind of skirt goes well for any situation be it formal or informal!

    There you go! I hope it will give you some inspiration regarding your spring/early summer outfits!