Quickly Reserve Your Seat at One of Japan’s Detective Conan Themed Cafés!

  • Detective Conan (名探偵コナン) is one of Japan’s most famous anime and manga series, known in a lot of countries all around the world. On 15th April 2017, the new movie The Crimson Love Letter (名探偵コナン から紅の恋歌 – Japanese only) will be released in Japanese theaters. It is perfectly timed for the special Conan-themed cafés that are open all over Japan between March 30th and May 31st 2017. If you are in Japan during this time, don’t miss the chance to visit one of them!

    Detective Conan Cafés 2017

    A total of eleven cafés are open in Japan, two of which are found in Tokyo. The menu has been set, which varies slightly between the different cafés. You can check out the menus at the official website. The scheduled periods of the cafés also differ:

    1. Harajuku (原宿 – Tokyo): March 30th – May 31st
    2. Omotesando (表参道 – Tokyo): March 30th – May 7th
    3. Kyoto (京都): March 30th – May 14th
    4. Osaka (名古屋): March 31st – May 14th
    5. Nagoya (広島): March 31st – May 14th
    6. Hiroshima: April 1st – May 7th
    7. Sapporo (札幌): April 5th – May 7th
    8. Koshigaya (越谷 – Saitama): April 7th – May 7th
    9. Fukuoka (埼玉): April 7th – May 7th
    10. Yamagata (山形): April 13th – May 14th
    11. Fukui (福井): April 14th – May 7th
    How to Book

    You’ll need to be sure to make a reservation before visiting one of these cafés. This excludes the Omotesando and Koshigaya branches.

    The reservation can be made on the official website; however, the page is Japanese-only and you need to enter a Japanese address. If you’re staying in Japan as a tourist, you can input your hotel’s address. You will receive a confirmation email and can see your ticket when you are logged into the website.

    The reservation costs 500 yen (+ tax) for each person. Payment can be done by credit card or at a convenience store. On top of the 80 minutes you can spend in the Conan Café, you also get an original set of 11 stickers the day you visit the café.

    Reservation has been opened since February 22nd 2017, and especially in Tokyo many days are already fully booked. So hurry up and reserve your seat before this unique experience is over!

    Special Themed Food

    There are four main dishes, four sweet desserts, and two drinks you can try at the Detective Conan Cafés:

    Main Dishes

    1. Detective Conan burger (名探偵コナンバーガー)
    2. Okiya Subaru curry (冲矢昴のおすそ分けカレー)
    3. Café Poirot sandwich and chips plate (喫茶ポアロのハムサンド)
    4. Heiji & Kazuha Osaka meal set (平次と和葉の大阪串揚げ定食)


    1. London gelato sandwich (ロンドンの告白~新一と蘭のデザートサンド)
    2. Okonomiyaki-style fruit pancakes (お好み焼き?パンケーキ)
    3. APTX4869 mousse
    4. Heiji & Kazuha Maccha Tiramisu (平次と和葉のお守りティラミス)

    Food prices range from 1,080 yen to 1,580 yen depending on the dish.


    1. Kaito Kid Magic Soda (怪盗キッドのマジックソーダ) for 1,280 yen
    2. Culprit Smoothie (犯人スムージー) for 880 yen

    Café-themed goods are also sold at the venues, including small shopping bags, plates, cups, key holders, clear files and more.

    If you’re a fan of Detective Conan, visiting one of these cafés is bound to be an enjoyable experience for you. It is also a good possibility to experience one of Japan’s famous limited-time character cafés. So don’t miss your chance!

    Conan Café Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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