Drinking in Japan? Download This New App so You Don’t Miss the Last Train Home!

  • The train is probably the most reliable form of transportation you can find in Japan. It mostly arrives on time and is an easy way to get around. When people hang out with friends and co-workers for a drinking party, they obviously don’t drive a car but use the train to get home. However, there are times when they get so drunk that it becomes troublesome for them to have to navigate their way home. In the end, they miss the last train. However, with the latest smartphone add-on called “Drunk Mode” (酔っ払いモード) from Ekispert’s (駅すぱあと) rail navigation application, missing the last train is less likely to happen. Here’s why!

    Drinking in Japan

    Drinking in Japan

    Japanese people are known for having a big drinking culture. Their country is even considered a drinking paradise. Alcohol is a daily element in Japanese life from social and business to rituals and customs. Young and old, men and women, sports fanatics and slobs alike love incorporating alcohol into their system.

    A large portion of drinkers in Japan consist of the legendary salarymen, who make a beeline from the office to the “izakaya,” a Japanese-style pub. Many visitors who come to this country often comment about the reek of alcohol as well as the passenger’s state in boarding late night trains. Those who are severely drunk sometimes have to be assisted into a wheelchair at stations so they can wait for taxis. If they do miss the last train, then the only option is to either check into a capsule hotel or stay in a 24-hour manga or internet cafe in order to spend the night indoors.

    The “Drunk Mode” App

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    Drinking is enjoyable but getting too drunk to find your way home is no fun. Though it is already a trend to use rail navigation smartphone apps to find the last train, it is still a problem for those who get too drunk to be able to use them.

    To help drunk people easily navigate their way home, Val Laboratory, a software developer, has recently introduced a smartphone application add-on called “Drunk Mode.” This add-on is part of the popular Ekispert railway navigation app. All you need to do is to register your home station (before you start drinking) then after the drinking party, you can just hit a single button which will show you the closest station as well as the time of your train’s departure.

    Since drinking alcohol normally lowers a person’s mathematical abilities such as counting, the app will do this job by telling you how much remaining time you have left before the train departs. As of now, it can be used for free until April 2, 2017.

    Ekispert’s “drunk mode” is available on both on iOS and Android devices. With this, there’s no need to be checking the last train home by going to the station or consulting a timetable. It also prevents the hassle of calculating and estimating the amount of time needed to catch the train. If you do, however, miss the last train, you will receive a message saying “unfortunately, you’ve missed the last train.” Remember that despite being drunk, you still need to see the display on your phone in order to understand it.

    So if you’re planning to go out drinking in Japan far from your home or hotel station, be sure to download the “drunk mode” add-on for your phone! It might just help you catch the last train.

    Ekispert Website

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