Experience Virtual Reality at This Event in Shinjuku This Summer 2017!

  • Nowadays, the trend of virtual reality (VR) devices and games are on the rise. Perhaps in the future, the popularity of VR games will take over the popularity of video games which only utilize controllers. In recent months, we have seen the boom of VR-related businesses, games, and movies in Japan. Virtual reality devices enable users to explore a different world without leaving their couch.

    Not everyone can afford an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, though, in order to have the VR experience in the comfort of their own home. Even so, users may want to try out the VR game experience before buying them. Perhaps a good solution is to experience a virtual world without spending a fortune to buy those devices. Therefore, you should go ahead and try this latest virtual reality gaming venue in Tokyo by BANDAI NAMCO (バンダイナムコ) Holdings. It is called the VR ZONE Shinjuku Project i Can, and it will be opening in summer 2017!

    VR ZONE Shinjuku Project i Can


    VR ZONE Shinjuku Project i Can will be opening at the former Shinjuku Tokyu Milano (新宿ミラノ座) site that was closed in December 2014. That site was closed after 60 years because its operator, Tokyu (東急), intended to make use of the site to attract tourists, such as by opening a Godzilla Hotel. VR ZONE Shinjuku will be opened in a temporary building by Tokyu in Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) and it is expected to have two years of operation until the Tokyo railway operator commences its urban renewal project.

    VR ZONE Shinjuku measures at 3,600 square meters and it will offer new VR games and projection mapping-based interactive attractions. Since it is Japan we are talking about, you can expect to see VR games featuring popular animation and cartoon characters.

    To engage in the VR game, visitors are required to wear special goggles so they can see the VR content on the screens of their headsets. Aside from that, visitors can also enjoy the view of the interactive visual images that are projected onto the walls and floors. The VR facility offers more than ten varieties of these. Besides that, visitors can also buy food and drinks at VR ZONE Shinjuku so it can be a place where gamers spend a lot of time at with family and friends.

    The concept of VR ZONE Shinjuku is similar to VR PARK TOKYO and VR ZONE Project i Can, which were opened in 2016 and attracted crowds of people. No doubt, the upcoming VR ZONE Shinjuku is expected to attract many visitors, locals and foreign tourists alike.

    Even though the VR facility is slated to open in summer 2017, there is no specific date yet. Other than that, there is also no information about the fees and other details. Therefore, you would just have to wait and see. If the fees for VR ZONE Project i Can are any indication, you can expect to spend around 700 to 1,000 yen per person for VR ZONE Shinjuku. That’s a really affordable price especially when you consider it being a new technology of gaming and also the location which is in Japan!

    VR ZONE Shinjuku Project i Can Website *Japanese only

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