Learn More About the Actress From “Your Name” and Her Newest Japanese Drama!

  • Are you curious about the young lady who provided the voice for Mitsuha (三葉) in the box office hit anime film Your Name (君の名は)? Then check out this Japanese drama featuring her as the lead – Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba (ホクサイと飯さえあれば) or All You Need is a Meal with Hokusai.

    Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba

    The Japanese drama Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba is a live-action adaptation of the manga with the same title by Suzuki Sanami (鈴木小波). The manga was first published in a manga magazine called Young Magazine (ヤングマガジン) in 2014.

    Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba is about 18-year-old Yamada Fumiko (山田文子), also known as Bun (ブン), who came to Tokyo (東京) to study at a university. She lives alone in Kita-Senju (北千住) with her rabbit stuffed toy named Hokusai (ホクサイ). She has trouble expressing herself with other people so she only communicates with her stuffed toy.

    Bun’s happiness and passion is cooking. She will make it to a point that she cooks a balanced meal even when she’s short on cash or time, and comes up with creative recipes every time she cooks. She is happy as long as she’s with Hokusai and can cook healthy meals.

    In the first episode, we can see in one scene that Bun only has 67 yen left after buying kitchenware and cooking ingredients. She’s hungry but she can’t buy anything with 67 yen left. She wanders through the streets and meets Arikawa Junko (有川絢子), or Jun (ジュン), who at the time was buying bread crusts at a local bakery. Jun smiles at Bun however, being shy, Bun suddenly runs off.

    This Japanese drama aired MBS and TBS from January until March 2017. It was directed by Horai Tadaaki (宝来忠昭) and Shibata Keisuke (柴田啓佑). The Blu-ray box set will be released in summer 2017; you can pre-order it on Amazon Japan!

    Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba Characters

    The voice actress behind Mitsuha of Your Name, Kamishiraishi Mone (上白石萌音), plays as Yamada Fumiko, or Bun. She’s the main lead of the drama. Bun starts to live alone when she transferred to Tokyo to study. She’s shy and has the tendency to daydream. She lives with her stuffed toy, Hokusai.

    Ikeda Eliza (池田エライザ) plays as Bun’s classmate and friend, Arikawa Junko or Jun. Jun is a fashionable student and has good communication skills. She loves delicious food and appreciates people who can cook them.

    Another actor involved in the drama is Maeda Goki (前田公輝). He plays as Kandagawa Eitaro (棺田川永太郎) and is Junko’s childhood friend. He’s a teacher at Senju Highschool (千住高校) and teaches Japanese. He’s also in charge of the knitting club.

    Kamishiraishi Mone and Her Career

    Kamishiraishi Mone is not only a voice actress and an actress; she’s also a singer. She released a single for her film Lady Maiko (舞子はレディ) and also a cover album entitled chouchou (シュシュ). Did you know that she covered the song Nandemonaiya (なんでもないや) from the hit anime film Your Name? Her version of the song is perfect! Aside from the song Nandemonaiya, she also has her rendition of the song On My Own from the play Les Misérables (レ・ミゼラブル).

    Aside from starring in a drama, she has also starred in numerous films. One notable film she starred in is Maiko wa Lady or Lady Maiko. In this film, she plays as a Saigo Haruko (西郷春子).

    Haruko learns the Kyoto (京都) dialect and how to sing and dance to become a maiko, or an apprentice geisha (芸者). Mone was chosen among the 800 applicants who took an audition for this role. Through this film, she won several awards like the 26th Fumiko Yamaji New Actress Award (山路ふみ子映画賞第26回新人女優賞), Nationwide Philanthropic Award for Best Actress (全国映連賞女優賞) and the 38th Japan Academy Prize Newcomer (第38回日本アカデミー賞新人俳優賞).

    Aside from the film Maiko wa Lady, she also appeared in the live-action film Chihayafuru (ちはやふる).

    Personal Thoughts on Kamishiraishi Mone

    I first knew about Kamishiraishi Mone when I watched Your Name in local theaters in the Philippines. I immediately researched about the film after I watched it. There, I found out more about Kamishiraishi Mone.

    Her cover album is available on Apple Music and Spotify, so I listened to it. I deeply loved her cover of the song Nandemonaiya by Radwimps. Her version melts my heart. Her voice is golden!

    Currently, I’m catching up with her projects. I’m watching her latest drama, Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba. Go check out her cover album, chouchou, on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify! You won’t regret listening to it!

    To get to know more about Kamishiraishi Mone, visit her website (Japanese only).