The Dearest Deer in Nara Park

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    This park is located in central Nara, which is established in 1880. There are a lot of attractions around this park, such as Todai-ji, Kofuku-ji, and Nara National Museum.
    In Nara Park, there are about a hundreds of deer. It is also known that Nara is a symbol of 1200 deer that live naturally in that park.

    When I visited there, it was really amazing. All of the deer lived there naturally; they even walked on the road freely, not only in the park. As the photo above, the deer freely walk on the road, and you can meet them whenever you want.


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    If you go there to see the deer only, I think it is not interesting. Try to pet and to feed them too.
    Please notice that you can only feed them with deer’s cracker, which is sold near the park.
    Once you try to feed them, you will find something that is really interesting. All of the nearest deer around you will come to you to eat the crackers.

    This is the photo of my friend who tried to feed them and ended up in the following “silly” photo that I have captured.


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    Uniquely, some of those deer also have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed.


    You can reach this park with five minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara Station, or about 20 minutes walk from JR Nara Station. Fortunately, the park can also be reached by bus.