Catch Japan’s Top Model Mizuhara Kiko in this Japanese Drama!

  • Kiko Mizuhara (水原希子) is one of Japan’s most famous top models. She played as Mikasa (ミカサ) in the Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) live-action movies, and she also models for known brands in Japan. She has been gracing numerous Japanese and international magazines ever since her debut several years ago.

    She also plays in the Japanese drama Uso no Sensou (嘘の戦争). Let’s find out more about this exciting show.

    Uso no Sensou Synopsis

    Kiko Mizuhara plays a supporting role in the drama Uso no Sensou. She acts as Haruka Tokura (十倉ハルカ), the main character’s partner in crime.

    30 years before the main story of Uso no Sensou, Koichi Ichinose (一ノ瀬浩一), who is played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (草彅剛), has his life turned upside-down when his father kills his mother and brother, then takes his own life. This is the conclusion based on the investigation conducted by the police, but there are secrets lying beneath.

    It was all a setup. Koichi was nine years old at that time and he was the only one who saw the face of his family’s true killer. No one believes him despite testifying that his father is innocent. With this, he is called a liar and often looked down upon by his own relatives. Growing up, Koichi masters the art of lying. He goes to Thailand, changes his identity, and becomes a swindler. He happens to meet the person who killed his family in Thailand, which brings back his anger. Vowed with vengeance, he returns to Japan to hunt down the man.

    When he finally investigates what happened on the night of the murder, the people involved are revealed one by one. Masachika Ichimura (市村正親) plays the mastermind of the criminal activity and Koichi’s enemy.

    Koichi is now tangled up with various people who, it is revealed, were involved in the crime committed years ago. Ken Yasuda (安田顕) and Fujiki Naohito (藤木直人) play sub characters in this exciting, fast-paced story.

    Uso no Sensou Characters

    Tsuyoshi Kusanagi plays the main lead of the drama. He acts as Ichinose Koichi, the traumatized and disbelieved swindler.

    Fujiki Naohito portrays Takashi Nishina (仁科隆). He is the company president of Nishina Corporation. He’s also the second son of the Nishina family. Although he was kindhearted when he was a child, he turns into a ruthless person when he became the president of their company. He will do everything to protect his family. He sees through Koichi’s plans and plots to eliminate him.

    Kiko Mizuhara plays as Haruka Tokura, Koichi’s partner. An incident happened in Thailand that led her to the police. She requests to be Koichi’s partner in crime in swindling. She gets jealous over the closeness of Koichi and Nishina Kaede.

    Fuma Kikuchi (菊池風磨) plays Kazuki Yahiro (八尋カズキ). He is Yuji’s nephew and a swindler in training. He used to be a shut-in, but Koichi takes care of him when he comes back to Japan. He is good with computers and uses his skills in helping Koichi carry out his plans.

    Another actor involved in this drama is Magy (マギー). Magy plays as Yuji (ユウジ), an owner of a bar. He is an older brother for Koichi who taught him swindling tricks. The bar that he runs becomes a gathering place for swindlers like him. He is greedy and helps Koichi in swindling to make a fortune.

    Kiko Mizuhara’s Modeling Career

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    Kiko Mizuhara is Korean-American. She was born in October 1990 in the USA while she grew up in Japan. At only 13 years old, Kiko Mizuhara started her modeling career by being an exclusive model for Seventeen Magazine. She moved to Tokyo at the age of 16 to get more experience in her modeling career.

    In July 2007, she became an exclusive model for ViVi. Starting 2008, she became an on stay runway model for the Tokyo Girls Collection. Aside from that, she also had experiences in runways internationally like the Paris Collections in Olympia Le Tan’s Spring/Summer 2014 at London Fashion Week and more. Mizuhara also graces numerous magazines in Japan and even overseas. She has been in magazines like Vogue China, American Vogue, Nylon, Numero, GQ, and Elle.

    Kiko Mizuhara’s Acting Career

    Kiko Mizuhara has starred in several drama series and films to date (as of March 2017). Her first screen debut was for the film Norwegian Wood (ノルウェイの森) alongside Kenichi Matsuyama (松山ケンイチ) and Rinko Kikuchi (菊池凜子). She also played a supporting role in the film Helter Skelter (ヘルタースケルター) with Erika Sawajiri (沢尻エリカ). She also appeared in ARASHI’s Ninomiya Kazunari’s (二宮和也) film Platinum Data (プラチナデータ).

    Mizuhara’s also known for her role as Mikasa in the Attack on Titan live-action films. Aside from the films mentioned, she was also cast in numerous drama series like Shitsuren Chocolatier (失恋ショコラティエ) together with ARASHI’s Matsumoto Jun (松本潤), and Nobunaga Concerto (信長協奏曲) with popular actor Oguri Shun (小栗旬) and Yae no Sakura (八重の桜).

    Personal Thoughts about Kiko Mizuhara

    I first learned about Kiko Mizuhara when I watched the film Helter Skelter. I wasn’t immediately drawn to her but, when I watched Shitsuren Chocolatier, I found her really cute. When she acted as Mikasa in the Attack on Titan live-action films, I thought that she was really cool. She can act fiercely! I also admire Kiko as a runway model. She’s a great fashion model!

    So if you are interested in a fast-paced drama with Mizuhara making an appearance, be sure to check out Uso no Sensou!

    Uso no Sensou website
    Kiko Mizuhara website

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