On the Hunt for Hard-To-Find Japanese Goods? Try Out These 3 Subscription Boxes!

  • It is not always easy to get your hands on Japanese goods. From shipping fees to customs fees, the options for buying are limited and other communication problems can leave you feeling intimidated when buying something online from Japan. However, one solution has recently become available – subscription boxes! This revelation has been increasing in popularity for those that are desperate to get their hands on items that are limited to Japan. Find out more about it and discover three subscription boxes that you just might like!

    What is a subscription box?

    A subscription box is a box filled with sample-sized, or sometimes full-sized, products for customers to try out. Often curated by the companies themselves, you will receive a selected box of goodies often with a range of different products. Subscription boxes usually come as part of a monthly paid plan with companies deciding whether or not to charge extra for the shipping fee. You can find videos and blogs from customers presenting what they’ve received in their box, as the products often vary from country to country.

    1. TokyoTreat

    TokyoTreat is a subscription box full of various Japanese sweets and snacks. Each month, TokyoTreat offers a box based on a different theme. Some examples of their previous themes are Valentine’s Day and Christmas. The company also rewards their loyal subscribers with their monthly prize called the “Lucky Treat.” Subscribers of the current month’s box are immediately qualified for the raffle and one lucky subscriber will win the Lucky Treat, which is a box full of premium items, such as Tokyo-exclusive toys, plushies, games, etc.

    TokyoTreat offers three different subscription boxes that differ in size and pricing but are still in line with the current month’s theme. The lower-priced monthly plans has smaller-sized snacks compared to the premium monthly plan. What’s great about TokyoTreat is that they always include seasonal and limited edition snacks which are hard to find outside of Japan. Aside from their high-quality treats, they also offer free worldwide shipping!

    TokyoTreat Website

    2. YumeTwins

    YumeTwins is your subscription box full of “kawaii (かわいい),” which is, of course, best done by Japan. Each box contains five items which include plushies, lifestyle, and premium anime goods. YumeTwins offers one type of box with four different monthly plans that subscribers can choose from. Each month, they offer a different theme for each box.

    Like TokyoTreat, YumeTwins also has a monthly prize giveaway called the “Yume Prize.” Current subscribers are automatically included in this giveaway and whoever wins receives a prize box full of premium items. Another piece of good news is that they also offer free worldwide shipping!

    YumeTwins Website


    For Japanese skincare and makeup enthusiasts, this is the perfect box for you. Japanese cosmetics are one of the hardest items to find internationally. Albeit the popular brands, other Japanese brands rarely put up branches or stores outside of Japan. The relatively new NOMAKENOLIFE subscription box is a solution to that problem. Each box contains a mix of 5 to 7 full-sized products from their six categories of skin, hair, body, tools, makeup, and bath. They offer one type of box with four different monthly plans. This subscription box ships to 120+ different countries and also has free worldwide shipping!


    Subscription boxes from Japan really are a treat for lovers of Japanese culture. Each of these boxes offers something different each month and it is easy to see why people sign up. Aside from collecting items from Japan, a box that arrives at your door every month is always a pleasant surprise. If you are ever looking for a subscription box to try out, consider one (or all) of the boxes mentioned above!

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