Day trip to the Zoo and Botanical gardens of Nagoya

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  • Nagoya zoo and the botanical gardens are situated at Higashiyama. It is called the Hiashiyama park as a whole which consists of the zoo, botanical garden, an amusement area with a sky tower, monorails etc., and a children’s zoo. There are hundreds of species of animals and plants inside this park. The entry pass costs only 500 yen and the ticket looks really cute with cartoons of animals.

    What you will see at first


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    Once we enter the park, there is a small pond with swans swimming around. The black swans of this pond are really pretty with its black shiny feathers and red beaks. The zoo is really spacious and there are a variety of animal species coming from different countries.
    The special zone of Koalas of Australia is one of the interesting part of this zoo. There are more than ten Koalas and most of them looks like lazy creatures sitting between the tree branches and sleeping.
    Also there are a lot of mammals like the Rhinos, Tapirs, Honey Badgers, Giraffes, Camels, Zebras, Deers, Kangaroos, Beer, Tigers, Lions, Hippos, Lemurs etc. and birds like peacocks, horn-bills, macaques, ostrich, cranes, etc. kept behind the fences and cages.

    During the snack feeding time, visitors can have close observation of the animals. The elephant house of the zoo has Asian and African elephants. The ape zone has very actively playing monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans etc. The polar zone has Polar beers, seals and penguins continuously playing in water and sometimes resting beneath the sunlight. There are also big penguins with an yellowish colour around their neck and they seems to be the leaders of the entire penguin group. It is the beer zone that has many representatives from Japan’s wildlife which has a lot of varieties of beers behind the glass fence. The Hokkaido’s brown beers and the black beers of Japan are kept as the pride of the country.



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    There is a special open zone of birds in this zoo where peacocks, pheasants, ducks, some cranes etc. are set free. Most of the peacocks were always dancing with all its feathers stretched in air in order to attract the peahens. The visitors can enter inside this area and enjoy the freely set birds around. There is a small platform where the birds usually rest. It also has a small pond and some planted tree as well. They all are set for providing safe resting places for the various varieties of birds.

    There are also birds like macaques, different types of cranes, etc. at other parts of the zoo most of them kept in cages. Another part of the zoo has a small waterbody surrounded with trees and small rocks here flamingos are set free. They sometimes make quarrels and fly around making sound. These colourful birds are really interesting.

    Amusement Park


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    There is a flyer and a Ferris wheel in the amusement park which has an entry pass of 500 yen. There are also monorails inside the park. Visitors can make a round inside the park through the height. A beautiful lake with pedal boats is another attraction of the amusement area. There are food stalls and resting places on the bank of this lake. The skytower situated near the lake gives a complete view of the city around the park.

    Medaka hall


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    The Medaka hall is the area where medaka fishes are kept. Medakas are the tropical fishes found in the paddy fields of Japan and hence this area is used to explain the cultivation and culture of Japan. The Vivarium has a wide collection of salamanders, gavials, crocodiles, chameleons, nocturnal creatures like hedgehogs, owls, rats, bats, amphibians like frogs, turtles etc. and reptiles. Being the region for especially the nocturnal beings, some of these places are prohibited from taking photographs. There is a region of kangaroos where more than fifteen of them are set free behind a small fence so that visitors can watch them very closer.

    Children’s Zoo

    There is a children’s zoo at end of the park, which is a petting zoo with hamsters and goats that could be touched. There are also cows, horse, and rabbits here. There is also a small amusement park for the children in this area with various rides.

    The botanical gardens


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    The botanical gardens of Higashiyama is situated at the other side of the zoo, which has a diverse collection of interesting and beautiful plant species. The botanical garden area welcomes us through the rose garden with a lot of species of rose plants .There are also statues inside this garden decorated with rose varieties. Surrounding the rose garden, there are other flowering plants also.


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    Gardens and Green House


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    Crossing this garden, we will be reaching an area with a green house and a beautiful pond containing colourful lotus flowers inside it. Everywhere of the garden adorned with fountains, beautiful flowerbeds extending to some meters, this area really make us to spend some time at the steps of the pond.

    The green house has three rooms with plant varieties from various zones of the world. One room hosts the tropical plants while another one has desert plants like different types of cacti, desert roses etc. There are also carnivorous plants that feeds on small insects. Its interesting to know about the Venus fly trap and the pitcher plants that feeds over living organisms. The Venus fly trap is really a small plant folding its caps once a fly or other small creature rest over it, thereby feeding its juice while the pitcher plants that closes lids while a creature enter inside its pouch. Some of the pitcher plant lids were really big. There a photograph of a kid holding a pitcher plant lid which has almost the same height as her.

    After this green house is a long path extending to the Japanese style gardens. The way is covered with bamboos on both sides. Japanese style garden are well maintained and it increases the beauty of the botanical gardens. There is also a Chinese woodland area and a region of Sakura trees along with a garden comprising of other types of ornamental flowers. There is an area named as Tokai forest designed like a natural forest area and there is also a portion with medicinal herbs. The entire park is worth viewing and it takes a full day to make a walk inside this area, but still leaving some portions unseen.

    Access : 15 minutes ride through the Higashiyama subway line from the Nagoya station to Higashiyama koen station