Experience Japanese Art and Culture Through This Limited Event at The Westin Tokyo

  • There are many different ways of introducing Japanese art and culture to people around the world. If you’re a tourist in Japan, you may opt to attend different festivals or events where you can immerse yourself in real Japanese activities. One place where you could do this is The Westin Tokyo (ウェスティン東京), a part of Westin Hotels & Resorts. This is the perfect place for those seeking both business and leisure while grasping the real meaning of Japanese life. On April 4 and 5, 2017, The Westin Tokyo is holding a seasonal event open to all who would like to join and learn more about Japan. Check out the details below!

    The Westin Tokyo

    The Westin Tokyo is located in the quiet upscale area of Tokyo. Despite being at the center of the capital city, it is known for providing its guests a peaceful and comfortable stay. Some people just hang out here during cool afternoons where they can see wind chimes hanging at the hotel’s lobby.

    The hotel is just a few minutes away from the JR Ebisu Station (恵比寿駅), shopping complexes, and corporate offices. It is often promoted during the spring season and guests are given a bottle of rosé Champagne to enjoy sakura viewing in their room or in nearby places such as Meguro River (目黒川) and the cozy parks in Ebisu. They also provide a sakura (桜) spot map where you can find several popular viewing spots, which can help you make most of your visit. To ensure guests that they will leave feeling better compared to when they just arrived, the hotel’s famous Heavenly Bed (ヘブンリーベッド) is provided which has continuously eased millions of guests into deep sleep.

    WESTIN JAPAN DAYS “Kokoro 心” of Japan

    Westin Hotels & Resorts hold seasonal events such as the “WESTIN JAPAN DAYS ‘Kokoro 心’ of Japan,” the latest one allowing people to experience the culture and history of Japan.

    During this event, you can watch the Japanese Classical Dance called “Mai (舞)” which will be performed in the lobby twice a day. The dance has a history of over 400 years – a great way to feel the “kokoro” or “heart” of Japan.

    Another feature of the event is the Kimono Dressing Experience wherein guests can dress up in kimono (着物) while exploring around the hotel. They can also have themselves photographed if they wish. This will be held at the Galaxy Ballroom on B2F. Female kimono rental is priced at 10,000 yen, while male kimono rental is 8,000 yen. If you’re a woman and would like to wear a kimono with longer sleeves called “furisode (振袖),” you’ll be paying an additional 5,000 yen fee. This kind of kimono is more expensive as it makes every woman beautiful with its brightly colored silk fabric. If you come as a couple, you can avail a special fee of 15,000 yen. To join the fun, you can book for the Kimono Dressing Experience now via this page.
    *This event’s website is closed permanently.

    “WESTIN JAPAN DAYS ‘Kokoro 心’ of Japan” will definitely help every tourist feel the essence of Japanese life through its beautiful culture and history!

    WESTIN JAPAN DAYS “Kokoro 心” of Japan Website

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