Looking for a Unique Way to See Tokyo? Check Out These River Boat Tours!

  • No matter how many times you have visited Tokyo (東京), there is still so much more to explore. Unfortunately, most people tend to focus on the attractions and places they can visit on land. Have you ever thought about seeing a new perspective of Tokyo while on the water? If yes, then Riverboat Mizuha (舟遊びみづは) can give you a fresh riverboat tour of Tokyo.

    What is Riverboat Mizuha?

    Riverboat Mizuha offers river tours around the Nihonbashi (日本橋) area. Mizuha is the modern Japanese style riverboat they use for the tours. The boat was named after Mizuhanome (ミヅハノメ), the Japanese goddess of water. They offer various cruise packages that tourists can place a reservation for. The company promises to offer comfortable and enjoyable river cruises for your family and friends.

    Offered Cruises

    Private Charter Cruise
    This tour is highly recommended because of the privacy and freedom guests can enjoy. The minimum charter time for their cruises is 60 minutes.

    For the Private Charter Cruise, they offer a short and a long duration cruise. For the Short Charter Cruise, guests can spend 60 to 70 minutes in the boat. This option is great for a quick tour of Tokyo from the rivers. On the other hand, guests can spend 90 to 120 minutes in the boat, which is great for people who want a more extensive tour and spend more time with their family and friends. The

    do not charge a corkage fee, so guests can bring their own food and drinks.

    Shared Seasonal Event Cruise
    This cruise is available for cherry blossom viewing, moon viewing, and more. Tourists can get a more personal cultural experience of Tokyo by interacting with the locals. This cruise is also better for small groups.

    Specific Cruises
    For people who would like to know where the cruise will take them and how long it will take, there are a variety of options to choose from to fit your needs. They also have recommendations based on your preference. Guests can choose from any of these four routes:

    1. Urban Mini Canal in Kamejimagawa River
    2. Nihonbashi (日本橋), Sumidagawa River (隅田川) and Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ)
    3. River Triangle of Nihonbashi, Kandagawa (神田川) and Sumidagawa River
    4. Double Rockgates

    For more information on the details of these routes, please check their website.

    Where to Board

    Mizuha Boarding

    Aside from Nihonbashi Pier, guests can also board the Riverboat Mizuha at Kachidoki Asashio Pier (勝どき朝潮) and Azumabashi Pier (吾妻橋). The following piers are public property and are being shared by other cruise companies, so there may be times that some of them might be closed for events or inspection.

    Nihonbashi Pier: The pier can be found on the south side of Nihonbashi Bridge. The landmark is a police station that is right next to the stairs going down to the pier.

    Kachidoki Asashio Pier: When you cross Reimeibashi Bridge (黎明橋), the pier is on the right. There is also a slope going down to Asashio Canal.

    Azumabashi Pier: If you are coming from Asakusa Station (浅草駅), the pier is located on the other side of Sumidagawa River. You have to cross Azumabashi Bridge, turn left, then go down to the riverside path.

    A riverboat tour in Tokyo’s waterways is another great way to spend your day. Compared to other tours out there, this one is unique because guests can ride on a modern Japanese-style boat. The next time you are in Tokyo, please consider booking a trip with Riverboat Mizuha!

    Riverboat Mizuha Website

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