Admire Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom at These 3 Spots in Osaka

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  • This is the time of the year when cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Japan. Many people have probably already planned the places they will be having their drinking parties at for the coming weeks. If you haven’t experienced this kind of culture in your country, then dream no more. Pack your things and fly to Osaka (大阪) for that coveted sakura (桜) experience. Do not miss the most wonderful season of the year when you can enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers while eating delicious food! I’ve listed three hanami (花見) spots in the wonderful place of Osaka below where you can experience sakura in full bloom!

    1. Satsukiyama Park (五月山公園)

    This park is considered a hidden treasure in Ikeda (池田), Osaka. It spreads from the foot to the middle of Mt. Satsuki, which has an altitude of 315.3 meters. It offers several facilities such as a zoo, a botanical garden, and different hiking courses.

    During sakura season, many people flock to the place to see the mountain and Yoshino (吉野) cherry trees blooming beautifully. A cherry blossom festival is held annually at the park square and the zoo in early April. Admission to the Satsukiyama Zoo (五月山動物園) is free and it is popular for wombats and wallabies.

    There are also hiking courses and observatory areas where you can gaze at the whole city of Ikeda as well as the Ina River (猪名川). Don’t worry if you come to the place at a late time as you can also enjoy night sakura from sundown until 10:00 PM.

    Satsukiyama Park Website

    2. Katsuo-ji Temple (勝尾寺)


    Although autumn is the best season to visit Katsuo-ji Temple, it is comparably beautiful during spring. Its garden is something that attracts many people to come to the place every year. It allows spring visitors to see many varieties of sakura such as Shidare-zakura (シダレザクラ), Yae-zakura (ヤエザクラ), and Yama-zakura (ヤマザクラ). This is the best time of the year to go have a good time watching the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The color of the main temple’s gate and bridge are red, which creates a stunning scenery with the pink flowers.

    You may visit the place to pray for good luck in case you need it. You may also pick up a good luck daruma (勝運ダルマ) if you happen to visit the place.

    Katsuo-ji Temple Website

    3. Eiraku Dam (永楽ダム)

    This is one of the best spots to do cherry blossom viewing in Osaka! The dam has a 2-kilometer long trim course around it and has about 1,000 cherry blossom trees planted along it. The trees look otherworldly as their images are reflected on the water. It becomes even more mesmerizing when the lanterns are lit up during the peak season. It allows people to enjoy a sakura night view.

    Admission to Eiraku Dam is free and it never closes so you can come here anytime you like. This place is highly recommended for people who enjoy being surrounded by nature such as mountains.

    Eiraku Dam Website

    Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity of watching cherry blossoms in full bloom by heading to the city of Osaka, which is now carpeted in pink. These places allow spring visitors to enjoy the season not only during daytime but also during nighttime when the trees are illuminated in a fascinating manner.

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