4 Must–Do’s in Hamamatsu

  • Once a castle town, the city of Hamamatsu became a popular destination for those traveling between Osaka and Tokyo by land. With a total area of approximately 600 sq mi., the large area is home to various attractions that you ought to visit when visiting Hamamatsu Shi.

    1. Visit the Air Park

    The number one attraction you should visit in Hamamatsu is its Air Park museum. If you are dreaming of riding a jet plane, well, this museum will really allow you to sit on the cockpit. For its free admission, you are getting your dream come true. There are planes, jets, helicopters and more planes to ogle. If you have small children with you, the flight suit that came in child sizes will make them feel like true pilots.


    2. Explore the Ryugashido Cavern

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    If you are up to a little twist in your itinerary, caving in the Ryugashido Cavern will definitely be the best highlight of your trip to Hamamatsu. Thought the cavern is more of a sightseeing venue than an adventurous one, with its well-lit caverns showcasing natural and ancient structures, it is definitely a great place to experience visiting a cave. Walk further and you will see an amazing waterfall adding to its beauty.


    3. Visit the Hamamatsu Flower Park

    Even in winter, flowers bloom everywhere. And now when the summer is coming up? The park is a great place if you love nature. There are a large greenhouse, an artificial lake and an amusement park for children making it a great place to spend an afternoon picnic. If you get a chance to visit it during the cherry blossom season, do it, because the pink trees add to the park’s spectacular view. But even if you missed the season, the beautiful flowers everywhere are already very charming.


    4. Try Eels

    Hamamatsu is famous for its Eels. It is, in fact, the number 1 supplier of eels throughout Japan. Try the Kanto Style and Kansai style of preparing the eels and see which manner of preparation serves you best. They even have Eel cookies, visit the Eel Pie factory where they allow you to try various eel biscuits.

    If you are planning to spend a day in Hamamatsu, visit these must-see attractions for the most enjoyable Hamamatsu experience.