Need a Shop to Buy Art Products? Visit This Amazing Art Store in Tokyo!

  • Whether you are a serious artist or a novice painter, there is a complete store for all your needs in the heart of Tokyo (東京). Located in Shinagawa (品川) ward, this supply store of paints and brushes has caught everyone’s attention, not only due to its sheer number of products but also due to its striking interior design. The store is a one-stop retail shop for all your artistic needs. It is designed like a museum, with an extravagant display of pigments, brushes, and more.

    Pigment Tokyo

    Pigment was started by warehouse Terrada (寺田倉庫), a storage company offering highly secure safekeeping services. Its main storage center is in Shinagawa, near the pigment store. Terrada has a wine cellar and an art and media storage house. Pigment is a laboratory come retail store which preserves and sells different varieties of tools, including some of the traditional ones.

    Nowadays, there is a trend among artists to use traditional methods of painting, incorporating old styles into modern art. Pigment has a collection of brushes and pigments that have been in use since the Meiji period (明治時代). Overall, there are approximately 4500 pigments and 200 ink sticks, together with a stock of glues, washi paper (和紙), and others.


    The interior of Pigment was designed by the famous architect and interior decorator Kengo Kuma (隈研吾). The ceiling of the store comprises of narrow organic bamboo strips. The wall display of colors is visually captivating with plenty of lines, giving one the feeling of a museum.

    You can find different varieties of paintbrushes or antique ink sticks of all shapes and sizes. The laboratory here preserves older tools and paintings and thrives to pass on that explicit knowledge of older artists to the newer generations. It has expert professionals working inside the store, helping artists and enthusiasts in every way. These professionals have Masters and PhDs with years of experience.

    Workshops are conducted once in a while to welcome different people to the store. The staff are friendly and are ready to teach you about each product and how to use them.

    Kengo Kuma is a well-renowned architect who has built many great office buildings, resorts, cultural halls, museums, hospitals, tea houses, stations, and plazas through his company Kengo Kuma and Associates. You can find his work and ongoing projects at his official website.

    Kengo Kuma has done interior decorating for many projects inside and outside of Japan. Every project of his has a unique flavor that captivates visitors. The pigment store has a touch of bamboo with large wall frames for the museum. His works can be seen all over the world, including China, Europe, and other places.


    The company that built Pigment, Terrada has different services for everyone. From individual enthusiasts to bulk importers, Terrada can provide storage space for decent prices. For example, if you want to age your wine for your special lifetime event or if you want to showcase your art, Terrada can provide you with enough space.

    They also have “minikura”, a cloud-based storage service which helps you manage your items in real time through services like storage and cleaning. The prices are mentioned on their website.

    It is certain that the store is definitely worth visiting. It is rare to find such unique stores anywhere in the world. Do pay a visit to the pigment store or Terrada warehouse to make use of their products and services. If you cannot visit the store, you can look at their online shop mentioned above.

    Pigment online store
    Terrada website

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