Stay Active While Sightseeing with These 3 Recommended Cycling Tours in Tokyo!

  • Tokyo’s (東京) transportation system is highly advanced. It has a fast, clean, and efficient railway system. Because of this, people often travel by train than by car. To get to the station from their house, however, many Japanese people prefer to ride their bicycles. Others choose to ride bikes solely for the fact that it can be a freeing and liberating experience, especially if you’d like to explore other areas of the city as you can cycle wherever you like.

    Did you know that bikes can also be used for sightseeing and touring around? Here are three incredible cycling tours in Tokyo recommended for tourists!

    1. Tokyo Great Cycling Tour (東京グレートサイクリングツアー)

    This cycling tour gives you the chance to visit major sightseeing spots in Tokyo! This is an enjoyable way to experience something different while riding a bike.

    Tokyo Great Cycling Tour offers many routes to choose from. For example, Route A will take you to places near Tokyo Bay (東京湾), Route B will focus on places related to the Edo-Tokyo (江戸・東京) Culture, while Route C will take you to fashionable shopping places such as Ginza (銀座), Omotesando (表参道), and Roppongi (六本木).

    You have to pay 10,000 yen for the tour, which includes a guide, a rental bike, as well as lunch and a bottle of water. But this spring season, an hour-and-a-half tour that costs cheaper at 3,000 yen called “Evening Tour” is available. It has an easy route which is great for beginners and those wanting to experience Tokyo at night.

    Tokyo Great Cycling Tour Website

    2. Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour (東京みらくるサイクリングツアー)

    With Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour, you’ll get to bike around with a friendly tour guide who’s very passionate about the city. You’ll be surprised with the unique information that the guides know about the city. This is a fun way to go around Tokyo, especially for first-timers.

    Their tours are not strenuous and there will be frequent stops at points of interest. Part of their tours are hidden places which are not found in usual guidebooks. Seeing such spots is a certain way to have a great time in Tokyo whether you are a local or foreign tourist.

    If you’re looking for a quirky way to spend your Tokyo visit, you should definitely join their tours! It will also be an opportunity to take amazing photos and travel in small groups.

    Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour Website

    3. Y&Y Cycling Tours Tokyo

    Another way to get around Tokyo is through Y&Y Cycling Tours Tokyo. Their tours will give you a great experience and information about the city as you will be guided by professional tour guides. You will be taken to numerous local sites which are difficult to visit on your own by public transportation.

    Y&Y’s cycling tours are designed for bike beginners. One of their tours, the TOKYO FRINGE (東京フリンジ) Cycling tour, will allow you to pass through a riverside cycling road, a local supermarket, Kasai Rinkai Park (葛西臨海公園), Tokyo Sea Life Park (葛西臨海水族館), and Tokyo Disney Resort (東京ディズニーリゾート). Photo stops are also possible at major spots.

    Note, however, that during rainy days, tours will be conducted through public transportation and there’s also a possibility for some stops to be omitted. Tours are available for 10 persons each day at 9,000 yen per head.

    Y&Y Cycling Tours Tokyo Website

    With these cycling tours, you can surely stay active while visiting unmissable spots in Tokyo. They are suitable for almost everyone, so if you know how to ride a bike, you can definitely join any of them!

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