Traveling with a Baby? Here Are 3 Baby Products You Can Easily Purchase in Japan

  • Traveling to another country with a baby in tow can be very difficult, especially for first-time parents. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that parenthood should be the end of exciting holidays. It could even be better as you get to share the experience with your child. Though babies need quite a lot of necessities when traveling, you don’t need to pack too much. There are many handy baby products that you can buy at your destination, including Japan. Here are three baby items you can easily purchase in Japanese stores!

    1. Netsusama Sheet (熱さまシート) for Babies

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    Cooling gel sheets are ideally great for babies. These are made to help alleviate the baby’s fever and cool down the body temperature. Compared to adult’s and children’s cooling gel sheets, Netsusama sheets for babies come in a small size which is suitable for a baby’s forehead and lasts for four straight hours. Since babies are quite sensitive, the cooling gel sheets are fragrance-free and color-free. It sticks very well, thus avoiding the fuss when traveling. The sheets are also water-based so they are definitely ideal to use.

    2. Hajimeteno Mask (はじめてのマスク)

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    息子くん、マスク始めました🙌 今週はみんなで風邪week。 一昨日は息子夜中も💩止まらず朝から病院へ。 嘔吐ないし元気だからウイルスではなさそう、整腸剤で様子見ましょう。と診断。 最近いろんなモノを口に入れたり、お手てを舐めるからなー😥 ばぁばも体調悪かったけど、 パパ→じぃじ→私へと…。 1人ひとり症状が微妙に違う💦 みなさんも風邪にはご注意を❗ #5m10d #生後5ヶ月 #生後163日 #男の子baby #男の子ママ #埼玉ママ #マスクはじめました #pigeon #ピジョン #はじめてのマスク #意外と嫌がらない #👌 #習慣づけよう #まつ毛ながいな #羨ましい

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    It is said that the most common reason why Japanese people wear surgical masks is because they’re sick. This reflects how much they are careful not to transfer germs or their illnesses to others. Even children do so by putting on Hajimeteno masks in public. These masks can be used on babies who are at least 18 months old. The size of this mask is perfect for a baby’s small jaws, nose, and cheeks, making it comfortable to wear. It can only be used once for hygienic reasons. It also has a great ventilation route which allows proper breathing and its ear cords are soft.

    3. Meiji Hohoemi Raku-Raku Cube (明治ほほえみらくらくキューブ)

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    簡単!計量要らずでミルクが作れる(^^)キューブタイプで、粉じゃないからこぼさずささっと作れるのもイイ!!育児や家事に追われている忙しいママなら「可能なら少しでもラクしたい」という気持ちは少なからずあるはず。個包装だから保存しやすいし、外出先に携帯するのにも便利♡しかも、粉ミルクだとスプーン何杯入れたか分からなくなって不安になることもあるけど、これならキューブ1つで40ml分作れるから、何個入れたかとても分かりやすい♡もちろん、添加物は一切入ってません!我が家のbabyちゃんは、ごくごく飲んでくれています。 . ————————————- 明治ほほえみらくらくキューブ ————————————- . . #明治ほほえみらくらくキューブ #粉ミルク#赤ちゃん #親バカ部 #ママさんと繋がりたい #こどものいる暮らし#スマイル育児 #PR #明治 #授乳 #ミルクタイム #baby #男の子ママ #男の子baby #新米ママ

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    If you run out of baby formula while in Japan, try the Meiji Hohoemi Raku-Raku Cube. This is the world’s first and only infant formula in tablet form. It was launched in Japan in 2008 and has since been a unique concept which stirred many nations. The formula comes in pre-measured cubes that are easily dissolved in water, eliminating the need to measure out powder.

    The process of making this product involves molding, humidifying, drying, and compressing without putting any additives. This is probably the reason why the cube’s outside is hard while its inside is soft. This concept is protected by an international patent which means that Meiji is the only company in the world marketing cubed formula. The product was such a success that it made the company a dominant instant formula producer in Japan.

    Meiji Hohoemi Raku-Raku Cube Website

    The next time you travel with a baby in Japan, don’t fret. It doesn’t need to be scary and stressful. It can even be one of your fantastic travel experiences abroad. There’s also no need to carry a lot of supplies, which will just stuff your luggage, as it is very easy to buy baby products in Japanese stores. Just remember though that if your baby is too small, it would be best to carry a carrier which will be very useful for the trip. And also, it is advisable to bring a stash of baby food from home as it can be quite hard to coax your baby into eating Japan’s local food.

    Happy traveling with your baby!

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