Combini/Konbini: Handy Stores in Japan Open 24/7

  • Convenience store or “Combini” in Japanese is a popular store for people who live in Japan. The convenience store in Japan is unique and different due to the various foods and drinks they offer on their shelves. The Convenience store is a must-visit place for the traveller who come to Japan, and anyway they can’t avoid passing through.
    In this article, I will try to introduce you at a glance about “Combini” and what are the interesting things that you can find inside. This place will definitely be one of your best friends during your stay in Japan.


    There are various and good drinks in “Combini”. From soy milk, coffee, many kinds of juice, Matcha, etc. Everything is available. You can stop by to “Combini” at any time when you travel around Japan to taste its beverages.


    Bento (Lunch Box) in “Combini” also varies. From Udon, Pasta, Chicken and rice, rice beef bowl, etc. So you don’t have to worry when you feel hungry and you don’t want to go to the restaurant.

    Green Tea

    Japan has good products of green tea. Green tea in Japan varies and is healthy. Make sure you try at least once.


    When you feel you want a coffee but you don’t want to spend time in Starbucks, you can buy coffee anytime you want in “Combini”. By just 150 yen you can have already one cup of a good coffee to boost your mood and recharge your energy.

    Roll Cake

    Roll cake is also popular in “Combini”. It has some tastes like Mocca, Chocolate or Cheese.


    A popular Japanese snack made from rice wrapped with seaweed. Onigiri can be a hero whenever you are hungry. It is available in “Combini” with many kinds of fillings.


    Bread in the Japanese convenience store are also good and has various forms. They are filled with chocolate, beans, cream, sausage, and cheese, etc.


    Chocolate in “Combini” comes in some forms. In the form of biscuit, waffles, bars or snacks. Make sure that you try it once.

    Fried Snacks

    In “Combini” you also can get some fried snacks like sausage, chicken and french Fries. They are normally putted in the display closed to the cashier. You can buy it while you have to wait for a time for your lunch or dinner.

    Ice cream

    This is my favorite good in “Combini”. Ice creams here are very delicious. You can’t miss buying Ice cream when you come to Japan.