Discover and Explore What Toyama, Japan Has to Offer with This New Free App!

  • Toyama (富山) is a prefecture located along the seacoast of Japan. It is surrounded by splendid nature and blessed with sublime scenery and tasty food. Part of the prefecture includes the spectacular Northern Japan Alps (北アルプス), which can be experienced along Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (立山黒部アルペンルート). Since many tourists come to visit the place, a smartphone application called “Discover TOYAMA (ディスカバー富山)” has recently been developed in order to help users have an easy access to tourist information. This will also allow the prefectural government to plan ways in boosting tourism. Let’s see what this app is all about!

    Toyama as a Tourist Destination


    Toyama is known for many things. It is popular for pharmaceutical production and decorative glassware. Its attractions include Toyama Castle (富山城), also called Azumi Castle (安住城), which contains the Museum of Local History. Located nearby is the Sato Memorial Art Museum (佐藤記念美術館), which was opened in 1951. Its building and collection were donated to Toyama City in 2002.

    Toyama is also famous for cherry blossom viewing, particularly along the Matsukawa River (松川). Tourists can join the Matsukawa River Cruises which allows them to get amazing scenery of the whole place from the boats. Another area of interest is Fugan Canal Kansui Park (富岩運河環水公園). People usually come here for a stroll in order to enjoy the tranquil environment. Other people come to the place for a picnic, especially during the spring season.

    There are so many areas dedicated to arts and crafts, but one place stands among all and that is Toyama Municipal Folkcraft Village (富山民俗民芸村). Here, you can find many local crafts such as ceramics, tea, clay dolls, medicines, and so on. Located near the area is Chokeji Temple (長慶寺), known for its 500 statues of “rakan (羅漢)” or followers of Buddha (仏陀). It is easy to navigate around Toyama using the free shuttle buses.

    About the “Discover TOYAMA” App

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    The beautiful places you can find in Toyama are now easier to locate with “Discover TOYAMA,” a smartphone application. It has been developed by the Toyama Prefectural Tourism Association (とやま観光推進機構), Toyama Prefectural University (富山県立大学), and Fujitsu Ltd. (富士通株式会社).

    The “Discover TOYAMA” app will give users services within Toyama that are well suited to their location. This will be based on the user’s personal attributes, as well as GPS and time and date information on his/her smartphone. This information will be collected at the time of download and will be analyzed by the Toyama Prefectural Tourism Association and Toyama Prefectural University. Users’ identity will not be considered to protect their privacy. The collected information will allow the improvement of the area in order to increase tourists’ satisfaction. This will also allow the prefectural government to persuade people to increase their activities in the area of Toyama and boost local tourism.

    “Discover TOYAMA” is definitely a helpful application that allows tourists to have an easier experience in the area. It helps tourists save time and effort in doing research when it comes to activities and services provided in the area before traveling. It is also a fast way to plan activities when tourists don’t have enough time. If you have the chance to travel to Toyama one of these days, do not forget to download the app!

    Discover TOYAMA App Website *Japanese only

    Tourism Information in Toyama Website

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