Take a Break at One of Shinjuku’s 3 Hippest Cafés with Free WiFi

  • Over the last decades, the Internet has become a very important tool in people’s lives. We are used to connecting to the internet wherever and whenever they want. This has recently become faster and smarter with the use of WiFi. Consequently, it is now considered an important aspect of cafés with people often looking for the “Free WiFi” sign on the door before deciding on whether to step inside. If you pass by Shinjuku Station (新宿駅), the streets are brimming with an array of coffee shops but you want to be sure to pick the ones offering great-tasting coffee and free WiFi! To help you make your way straight to the perfect spots, here is a list of three cafés with WiFi that are within a five-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

    1. Brooklyn Parlor (ブルックリンパーラー)

    This is a special place to rest your feet after a long day walking around. Brooklyn Parlor is tucked away under the streets of Tokyo (東京) in a roomy basement, which is run by Blue Note Tokyo (ブルーノート東京). The café is reminiscent of the hipster hangout pens of New York thanks to its open-plan seating, brick walls and library of art books and magazines.

    The serene atmosphere and dim lighting give the café a comfortable vibe, finished off by the soft jazz floating from the speakers. As well as making the most of the free WiFi, you can order various meals such as pasta and burgers for lunch and desserts for café time. Brooklyn Parlor has a creative and ever-changing menu which keeps its customers coming back.

    Brooklyn Parlor Shinjuku Website
    Brooklyn Parlor Shinjuku Access

    2. WIRED CAFE (ワイアードカフェ)

    This is the perfect place to lounge about with a group of friends or get some work done. People can have fun together in this invigorating environment. The café features free WiFi, one-plate meals and colorful sweets, which include the honey berry parfait and Oreo banana cheesecake parfait.

    You also get a great view of Shinjuku South Gate (新宿南口) depending on the season. During the Christmas period, you can see gorgeous illuminations on the southern terraces. The relaxed atmosphere is good for a wind-down, especially paired with one of their alcoholic beverages.

    WIRED CAFE Shinjuku Website
    WIRED CAFE Shinjuku Access

    3. Cafe la Voie (カフェラヴォワ)

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    新作モーニングの試作中です🎶. . 色々なスーパーフードで彩った特製のアサイーボウルに. ふわふわのパンケーキを添えました♥♥. . . 新宿西口から徒歩3分. 営業時間は7:00〜23:00. ↓ブログもチェックお願いします♪. https://www.kadoya-hotel.co.jp/la_voie/blog/ . #cafelavoie #カフェラヴォワ #かふぇすたぐらむ #カフェスタグラム #カフェ巡り #カフェめぐり #カフェ部 #カフェタイム #おしゃれカフェ #新宿西口 #新宿カフェ #モーニング #モーニングプレート #モーニングセット #朝食 #朝食プレート #朝ごはん #朝ごはんプレート #スーパーフード #アサイーボウル #アサイー #パンケーキ #健康食 #キヌア #ゴールデンベリー #ゴジベリー #カカオニブ

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    This is a European-style café which claims to have the best quality breakfast that will get you ready for a long day of exploring. The café is located down an alley amidst Shinjuku’s high-rise buildings. This is a good spot for spending some time alone with access to free WiFi as the atmosphere is relaxed.

    There are some good dishes on offer, both traditional Japanese food and Western food. The coffee has a rich flavor which is also worth a try. If the weather is good, you can even soak up some rays on the terraced seating. Who could say no to a bit of refreshment and revitalization on a sunny café terrace? Cafe la Voie is open daily from 7:00 a.m.

    Cafe la Voie Website
    Cafe la Voie Access

    If you’re on the lookout for a place to relax with free WiFi near Shinjuku Station, you need look no further than these three cafés. If you’re tired after a day of sightseeing or shopping, you can just drop by the places before getting the train home. With the cafés’ great food and comfortable ambience, you’ll surely stay longer!

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