Check Out This Video of a Japanese Granny Hip-Hop Dancing to Promote Rice!

  • Rice is a staple food in Japan. It has been cultivated across the country for many years and is synonymous with the general meaning of “meal.” However, the younger generation nowadays is increasingly eating junk food like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (クリスピー・クリーム・ドーナツ) or McDonald’s (マクドナルド) instead of rice. To promote the benefits of eating rice, Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH [全農]) has recently released a video clip where you can see a 60-year-old grandmother dancing “kawaii” and “pop” together with two other young backup dancers. Let’s check out what the dance clip is all about!

    About the Dancing Granny

    It is understandably hard for grannies to go hip-hop dancing at a very old age. However, this is not the case all the time, especially in Japan where the older generation possesses surprising energy and agility. Older people don’t take growing old as a way of slowing down, instead, they do several activities such as climbing mountains and harvesting fields!

    As a matter of fact, there is a group of Japanese elderly women who are known for their amazing dance moves. They first went viral when they released a hip-hop dance routine to Bruno Mars’ song, “24K Magic.” They were seen wearing kimonos in the video while showing off impressive dance moves. These grannies go by the stage names Tachiflower (たちフラワー – 60 years old), Mash (ムッシュ – 56 years old), and Tori (61 years old). Their video clip paved the way to a new dance move called “Love Dance” or “Koi Dance (恋ダンス)” which swept across the country. And now, one of them is back with another dance hit!

    NO RICE NO LIFE (ノーライスノーライフ) Dance Clip

    The new dance clip is called “NO RICE NO LIFE” and it shows Tachiflower going solo with two young dancers. This is a promotion for the benefits of rice, or “kome (米),” as it is repeated constantly throughout the clip. It clearly states that rice is very important as it is full of nutrients that help you get up and dance all day and is something that makes you happy. As such, you will see them dancing energetically in front of popular spots in Tokyo such as the Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ).

    The dance clip also aims to keep old dining traditions alive as many people these days are already prioritizing Western foods, which are high in calories. There are no actual details yet, but the official website of the NO RICE NO LIFE promotional campaign states that a “Rice Dance Contest (お米ダンスコンテスト)” will be happening very soon. This will give interested contestants a head start in practicing early if they want to join.

    If 2016 has blown you away with the trio grannies’ dancing moves, wait until you see Tachiflower in this new dance clip. It is also a motivation for everyone, whether young or old, to dance like her at any age. In order to get that much-needed energy, we need to eat plenty of rice every day! I’m hoping that the clip will persuade viewers to consume domestic rice rather than purchasing rice abroad. If you’d like to see how the dance video was made, you may check out this other video here.

    NO RICE NO LIFE Website *Japanese only

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