Experience the Height of Japanese Glamping at Unwind Hotel & Bar in Sapporo

  • Glamping is a shortened word for “glamorous camping” and refers to a type of camping that is more luxurious than traditional camping. There is no need to pitch a tent or make your own campfire or even go to the bathroom outside. Through glamping, you get to enjoy the outdoor without sacrificing the luxury of a hotel. Unwind Hotel & Bar, as its name suggests, is the perfect place to get away and unwind.

    Unwind Hotel

    Unwind Hotel

    Unwind opened in February 2017 in Sapporo (札幌), and is a place where you can experience glamping on a new level. The entire hotel is built like a lodge in the woods. Every room is bathed in warm light coming from the lanterns, fairy lights and fireplaces.

    The lobby and each room feature antique furniture adding to the cozy, lodge-like feel. As you check in at the lobby, you are greeted with an antique fireplace to warm you up from the cold and snow of Sapporo and a cup of French press coffee.

    You’re also offered a free cup of coffee when checking out to accompany you on your journey into the cold Hokkaido winter.

    Unwind Hotel Rooms

    Unwind Room

    The bedrooms are designed with warm wood and lighting, just like the lobby space. Each room has different hand designed wall decor and the mini-bar space features a BALMUDA toaster and kettle, as well as some mugs and a flashlight, adding to the camp-like aesthetic. You can close the door between the bathroom/entrance space and the bedroom space which adds to the lodge-like feel.

    The most special aspect of staying at Unwind is the free in-room breakfast service for all guests. This includes canisters of Hokkaido made soup as well as some loaves of bread. The hotel staff knocks on your door as they leave the basket filled with your breakfast so there is no need to be completely coherent or dressed to get your breakfast which is a plus for anyone who is like me and is an absolute mess in the morning.

    Bar Ignis

    Bar Ignis

    From 5 PM to 7 PM every night, there is free wine service at Bar Ignis on the 10th floor. The hotel lacks a restaurant as an attempt to have the guests go out and enjoy the various types of local restaurants and to be amongst the company of the locals of Sapporo. The hotel staff also have vast knowledge on what kinds of dining options are available in the surrounding area so if you are at a loss to where to go for dinner, try asking the front desk staff who are sure to be able to help you on your search.

    There is also a rooftop terrace that has a campfire where you can enjoy the view of the city spread out beneath the roof. In the warmer seasons (from around May) there are also going to be BBQ events hosted on the roof, so it would definitely be worth checking that out if you are there in the summer season.

    If you want to enjoy a very low-key camping experience in the middle of Hokkaido, Unwind Hotel & Bar is definitely worth visiting. Their level of service is amazing and the comfort level of the hotel as a whole is worth the stay. If you are going to be in Sapporo for any season, why not check out Unwind Hotel & Bar to really unwind from your long journey?

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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