Try This Stew Specialty Restaurant on the Shores of Lake Yamanaka

  • Casserole (煮込みシチューの店キャセロール) is a restaurant that specializes in slow-cooked stews. If you are looking for a place to grab lunch or dinner around Lake Yamanaka (山中湖) area in Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県), I highly recommend dropping by Casserole!

    The Restaurant

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    This calm, atmospherical restaurant serves stews made from strictly chosen ingredients and cooked over a long time in order to fully express the flavors of each element. The brown sauce and white sauce are both homemade and are both known for their fluffy flavors that aren’t too heavy on the stomach, allowing for a filling yet comfortable experience.

    The beef is local and the chicken is from Kagoshima (鹿児島) in the Kyushu region (九州地方). The name of the restaurant comes from the type of pot that each serving comes in, a casserole pot. Each casserole pot is handmade using petalite, which is a ceramic from Africa that allows the pot to retain heat and make sure your stew doesn’t get cold while you are eating it. There is an outside eating area that provides a view of Mt. Fuji (富士山) while you are enjoying your delicious meal.

    During the busy seasons, the summer and long weekends, make sure to make a reservation in advance because there is a limited number of meals available.

    Brown Sauce Dishes

    Some of the items on the menu have a brown sauce base. Some of these on Casserole’s menu include the following.

    • Beef stew (ビーフシチュー)
    • Beef and beef tongue stew (ビーフ&タンシチュー)
    • Tongue stew (タンシチュー)
    • Meatball stew (ミートボールシチュー)

    Each ingredient used in the brown sauce stews are specifically chosen and no preservatives are added in any of them. The sauce is cooked for a long time beforehand and re-cooked before being served to the customers, so it may take a bit of time before they are served to your table. However, that is a small price to pay considering the delicious flavor of these stews. The brown sauce stews include over seven types of vegetables including tomato, celery, parsley, onion, and carrot.

    White Sauce Dishes

    Other items on the menu use a white base sauce. Here are a few of their items.

    • Chicken cream stew (チキンクリームシチュー)
    • Seafood Stew (魚介のクリームシチュー)
    • Scallop, Clam and Mushroom Stew (帆立と蛤・茸のクリームシチュー)
    • Oyster Cream Stew (牡蠣のクリームシチュー); please note this is only available from November to March

    The white sauce stews are made with the same tedious process that ensures an amazing flavor as the brown sauce stews. The chicken is a brand chicken called hyuga jidori (日向地鶏), which has a deep flavor with thick, juicy meat. The chicken is pre-cooked for over an hour in different flavors and spices and is cooked on order in the rest of the white sauce stew.

    The seafood stew consists of crab, scallop, and clam that are individually flambéd. The oyster is brought from the Sanriku Coast (三陸海岸) once they are in season in the early winter. People who love cream stew are sure to fall in love with his menu.

    Other than the stew menus, there are also side dishes such as caprese salads and squid marinade, and a gateau chocolat for dessert.

    It is rare that you find a place that is this particular with their cooking methods and their ingredients. What is even better is that you are in the vicinity of Mt. Fuji where you can enjoy amazing views of Japan’s most beautiful mountain. If you are looking for a place to eat in the area, make sure to make a reservation beforehand so you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy your time at Casserole!

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