Experience a Combination of Art and Comfort at This Unique Hostel in Kyoto!

  • KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku (京都アートホステルクマグスク) is an accommodation type art space in Kyoto (京都) and is the perfect place to stay for anyone who is interested in modern art or wants to have a unique staying experience. A wonderful aspect of this hostel is that you can spend as much time as you want to admire and experience the various artwork within the space.

    This unique art hostel was opened in 2015 by Yazu Yoshitaka (矢津吉隆), who is an artist himself, with the concept of creating a place where guests could experience art in an up close and personal way. The art exhibits are planned to change annually, making this hostel somewhere you will want to visit more than once.

    The switching exhibits bring a new air to the hostel, allowing for a completely different experience each year. Although this may stray from the traditional aim of an accommodation space to provide comfort and convenience, through its uniqueness, it is sure to help guests realize a new kind of perspective.

    Yoshitaka aims to provide guests with an opportunity to reflect on the world around them through being in close proximity with art.


    There are four rooms available at kumagusuku, and can fit up to eight people. You can stay normally or rent out the entire building to fit your needs. The entire staying experience at kumagusuku is one in proximity with art.

    Room 1
    Room 1 is a single room that features a desk and a bed. The bed size is small so people who are over 180 centimeters tall (about 5″9) are recommended to reserve a different room.

    Room 2
    Room 2 is a triple room that features a bunk bed and a sofa bed. It is recommended that two people stay in this room.

    Room 3
    Room 3 is a lofted room for two people and features a normal-sized bed and a slightly smaller bed.

    Room 4
    Room 4 is a deluxe room with two twin beds and a private terrace.

    The individual rooms do not come with a toilet or bath. There are a shared bathroom and toilet in the shared common space.

    There is also a cafe bar that provides fresh coffee, various alcoholic beverages, and snacks. If you order a breakfast at the time of your reservation, you will get a breakfast made from local vegetables and seasonal ingredients.

    Current Exhibition

    The current exhibit, “Keen to assimilate another Kohei (遠隔同化―二人の耕平)”, has been on since October 2016 and will be going until fall 2017. This exhibit addresses the question of what assimilation and agreement is and what it stands for.

    In accordance with the four-room configuration that kumagusuku consists of, two Koheis – both artists’ names are Kohei – attempt to assimilate and agree with each other through four steps that occur in each room. Through ignoring the pre-existing harmony that exists from each one accepting the other’s differences, the two aim to become one with each other.

    If you are looking for an interesting place to stay to accompany your trip to one of the most historical locations in Japan, I highly recommend checking out kumagusuku. You may have an enlightening experience through your stay at this art hostel.

    KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku website *Japanese only

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