Stop Off at Lake Yamanaka’s Most Relaxing and Cozy Café With a View of Mt. Fuji

  • If you are looking for a calm cafe to take a rest after driving around the Mount Fuji Lakes area, Paper Moon (ペーパームーン) is the perfect place for you! This cafe and shop is known for its homemade cakes and pies and is home to one of the most calming atmospheres.

    About Paper Moon

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    Paper Moon is hidden away in the tree-filled outskirts of Lake Yamanaka (山中湖), the largest of the Fuji Five Lakes (富士五湖). This shop and cafe was created under the concept of providing a comfortable space and relaxing time for adults. In order to preserve this concept, the entrance of children under the age of 10 is not allowed.

    The garden area in front of the shop and cafe is filled with seasonal flowers and plants as well as natural trees. In the spring, you can sometimes catch a sighting of deer in the garden. You can choose to enjoy your cakes and tea either in the outdoor terrace space or indoors. If you are sitting outside, you can bring along your canine companions to enjoy the nature surrounding the area as well.

    During the summer season, Paper Moon has a morning menu which is available from 8 am, making it the perfect place to stop by for breakfast before an amazing day of Mount Fuji (富士山) sightseeing.

    Paper Moon’s Menu

    The menu is subject to change depending on what kind of fruits and nuts are in season. Each slice of cake is approximately the size of an adult’s hand, making sure you can get a filling taste of Paper Moon’s delicacies. Each cake is served with a scoop of ice cream and the pies are usually warmed up prior to being served, adding a delicious layer of contrast between the warm, fruity cakes and the sweet, cold vanilla ice cream.

    Along with the various cakes, there is also an extensive drink menu including things such as tea, coffee, juice, sparkling drinks, and alcohol (beer, wine, champagne etc.) The apple apricot cobbler (アップルアプリコットコブラ-) is one of the most popular items on the menu and is filled with apricots and apples. The cobblers are perfect for people with a taste for moist, soft cakes and the pies are better suited to those who prefer a crisp texture.

    Paper Moon Shop

    While half of Paper Moon’s space is the cafe, there is also an adjoining shop offering interesting antique objects and trinkets. There is an extensive collection of dried flowers, perfect for DIY flower arrangements and objects such as wreaths and bouquets.

    Diamond Fuji (ダイヤモンド富士)

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    【RETRIP×新年】 あけましておめでとうございます!こちらは、「ダイヤモンド富士」です。日本を代表すると言っても過言ではない富士山の、年に数回しか見ることのできない姿で、自然の芸術と言えます。「ダイヤモンド富士」とは、富士山頂に太陽が重なる瞬間に見られる光景で、まるでダイヤモンドのようにキラキラと輝きます。秋から冬(10月中旬~2月末頃)にかけて観測できるそうです。いくつものタイミングが重ならないと見ることができない奇跡の絶景なので、2019年こそ挑戦してみては credit:pixta #RETRIP #retrip_news #retrip_nt #retrip_富士山 ##リトリップ #ダイヤモンド富士 #奇跡の絶景 #mtfuji . 【RETRIPで絶景検索!】 RETRIPでは各地の素敵な絶景のお写真をお待ちしております。#retrip_〇〇 と最後に地名をつけて投稿されたお写真は、こちらのアカウントでご紹介させていただきます。おでかけ先の地名を入れることで、簡単に絶景検索もできるので、ぜひ利用してみてください。 また、#retrip_news をつけて投稿された世界の絶景のお写真は、こちらのアカウントでご紹介させていただきます。 . ▼RETRIP[リトリップ]のアプリは AppStore、GooglePlay「リトリップ」で検索! プロフィールのURLからもダウンロードできます。

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    From the beginning of October until the end of February, you can see the famous “Diamond Fuji” from the outdoor terrace of Paper Moon. Diamond Fuji is the rare phenomenon during winter where the sun either rising or setting aligns itself perfectly with the peak of Mt. Fuji, causing the entire mountain to shine “like a diamond”.

    While the mountain and sun itself look beautiful, their reflection on the surface of the surrounding lakes makes the sight even more significant and surreal. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to see the Diamond Fuji while you are enjoying your delicious meal at Paper Moon!

    If you are looking for a place to enjoy some dessert and delicious drinks while enjoying a drive around the Mount Fuji area, Paper Moon is the perfect place to visit. Why not spend a calm and relaxing time surrounded by the nature around one of Japan’s most impressive natural gems?

    Paper Moon Website

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