Get Your Fix of Romance and Tragedy with Japanese Drama Ubai Ai, Fuyu

  • The recently concluded Japanese TV drama series Ubai Ai, Fuyu (奪い愛、冬) covers love affairs and obsession. The four main characters are tangled up in obsessive relationships. If you’re into romantic tragedy shows, then this is for you!

    Ubai Ai, Fuyu Synopsis

    The lead character Ikeuchi Hikaru (池内光) works for a design company together with her boyfriend Okugawa Kota (奥川康太) who is also her assistant. One day Kota proposes to her. While Kota can be a little irresponsible, he is nice and loves Hikaru endlessly.

    Hikaru is happy until one troubling day. In the story, Hikaru participates in a construction company’s logo designing contest. On the day of the presentation, Kota gives Hikaru an encouraging kiss in the elevator when the lift door suddenly opens. Hikaru is surprised to see Moriyama Shin (森山信) standing in front of her. Shin is a designer of a rival company and Hikaru’s ex-boyfriend. He vanished three years ago after telling Hikaru he likes somebody else. Although Hikaru is now happy with Kota, all of the memories of Shin suddenly flood her mind and she is flustered when she sees him.

    The day that Shin left Hikaru was a turning point in her life which led to the happy life that she now leads. Hikaru has tried to suppress her feelings for Shin but the feelings start to rear their head again when they meet in the lift, although Shin is now married to Moriyama Ran (森山蘭).

    Meanwhile, Kota turns into someone he hates as his love for Hikaru deepens.

    Ubai Ai, Fuyu Characters

    Ikeuchi Hikaru

    The lead character is played by Kurashina Kana (倉科カナ). She plays the part of Ikeuchi Hikaru. Hikaru works for a design company and her family runs a small restaurant. She has a strong sense of justice.

    Hikaru’s father died when she was only a child and she is now engaged to be married to Okugawa Kota. She is strict with Kota a work but feels very happy with him. She one day meets her ex-boyfriend whom she was madly in love with. Even though her ex-boyfriend is now married, she longs for him.

    Okugawa Kota

    Miura Shohei (三浦翔平) plays Ikeuchi Hikaru’s fiance, Okugawa Kota. He works at the same design company as Hikaru. His mother dotes on him and is very against Hikaru and Kota’s marriage. However, Kota is determined to marry Hikaru.

    Kota grew up in a wealthy family. He even got a job through his mother’s connections but he decided to work in a company he found himself. As Hikaru grows distant from him, Kota turns into someone he hates.

    Moriyama Shin
    Otani Ryohei (大谷亮平) plays Moriyama Shin. Moriyama Shin is Ikeuchi Hikaru’s ex-boyfriend. He used to be Hikaru’s boss and the man she planned to marry before. However, he suddenly disappeared after telling Hikaru he likes somebody else. He is now married to his childhood friend Moriyama Ran. He also now works for a different company. He had worked in Fukuoka (福岡) but was transferred in Tokyo for three months.

    Moriyama Ran

    Mizuno Miki (水野美紀) plays the character of Moriyama Ran, who is married to Shin. She has liked him ever since they were children and is still head over heels with him. She becomes madly jealous when she finds out that Shin and Hikaru are in contact again.

    Toyono Shuko (豊野秀子)
    Akimoto Sayaka (秋元才加) plays Toyono Shuko. Toyono Shuko works at the same company as Hikaru and Kota. She has a cheerful personality and gets along well with Hikaru. However, it turns out to be a facade as she is, in fact, in love with Hikaru’s fiance Kota and is plotting to destroy their relationship.

    Onoue Reika (尾上礼香)
    Darenogare Akemi (ダレノガレ明美) plays Onoue Reika. Onoue Reika is Okugawa Kota’s childhood friend. She dated Kota during their college days. Kota’s mother, Misa (美佐), wants Reika to marry her son.

    Okugawa Misa
    Sakakibara Ikue (榊原郁恵) plays Okugawa Misa. Okugawa Misa is Kota’s mother. She’s a culinary expert and a wealthy woman. She is not happy that her son is engaged to Hikaru thus she maliciously harasses Hikaru in different ways.

    Personal Thoughts on Ubai Ai, Fuyu

    I’m only at episode two but the show is already intense! I’m not usually fond of dramas that depict love affairs but I was intrigued by Ubai Ai, Fuyu because one of my favorite Japanese musicians, Hoshino Gen (星野源), also watches this drama. An added bonus is that top Japanese pop act AAA is responsible for the theme tune. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes!

    Ubai Ai, Fuyu Website *Japanese only

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