4 Important Kyoto Travel Passes you Need to Know About Before You Travel

  • There are so many areas which are really worth the visit in Japan and there are so many different things to do. Out of all of Japan’s destinations and attractions, Kyoto (京都) is one of the best cities to visit. The best way to explore Kyoto to get to major spots in one day is through the use of travel passes. Passes are a useful and more economical way of getting around and can be bought at ticket offices. Here are four recommended travel passes to invest in if you’d like to travel around Kyoto in a limited time.

    1. Kyoto Sightseeing One-Day Pass

    This pass is a deluxe version of the usual Kyoto Sightseeing Pass, which is good for unlimited travel on Kyoto City buses, Kyoto buses and subway lines. The regular pass card covers popular tourist destinations in the city. This is similar to the Kyoto Sightseeing One-Day Pass but with extra destinations. There is just a set adults’ price of 900 yen. This is a great deal if you’d like to see more of Kyoto in a relaxing and comfortable trip. With this pass, you’ll get discounts on entrance fees for Iwaya-ji (岩屋寺), Bishamon-do (毘沙門堂), Kaju-ji (勧修寺) and Zuishin-in (随心院).

    Kyoto Sightseeing One-Day Pass Website

    2. Pedestrian-Friendly Kyoto City Rail Ticket

    This ticket aims to persuade people to use the public transportation to travel around Kyoto in order to help reduce air pollution. It offers unlimited rides on the city’s railroads particularly for the Kyoto subway, Keihan (京阪) trains, regular rail systems, Keifuku (京福) trains and Hankyu (阪急) trains. The ticket also includes discounts for some sightseeing attractions in the area, which is ideal if you’d like to make the most of your Kyoto tour. You can purchase a one-day pass for 1,300 yen.

    Pedestrian-Friendly Kyoto City Rail Ticket Website *Japanese only

    3. Arashiyama/Higashiyama One-Day Ticket

    If you want to fully enjoy Kyoto, the Arashiyama/Higashiyama (嵐山/東山) One-Day Ticket is the option for you. It covers so many interesting places you need to visit such as Kawaramachi (河原町), which is a vibrant part of Kyoto, Fushimi Inari-taisha (伏見稲荷大社), an important Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto and Gion (祇園), the most famous geisha district.

    This ticket is very convenient and is sure to make your first time experience in Kyoto fun and unforgettable. The ticket price is 1,300 yen for adults and 650 yen for children.

    Arashiyama/Higashiyama One-Day Ticket Website

    4. Kyoto Subway and Randen One-Day Ticket

    This is just one pass that allows you to explore Kyoto’s bustling city, traditional towns and the serene outskirts with the use of Randen (嵐電) trams and subway. Randen was founded in 1910 and has been running for over 100 years! This is the only tram you can find in Kyoto. Its line connects Arashiyama with Shijo-Omiya (四条大宮), a central area of the city. This is another good ticket for experiencing some of the best parts of Kyoto.

    Kyoto Subway and Randen One-Day Ticket Website

    Now that you’ve got the inside info on the different Kyoto passes, it’s time to explore the place at your own pace. Visit some of the popular heritage sites, tranquil gardens and spiritual temples and go home with beautiful memories. Enjoy!

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