3 things to enjoy during the Japanese Spring

  • Spring in Japan usually begins at the end of February when temperatures begin to rise slightly and the landscape awakens from its winter slumber. Spring offers many attractions in Japan and different ways to experience the country season. Here are some aspects of the Spring in Japan and its beautiful romantic landscapes and atmosphere that you could admire in you come during this wonderful season.

    Sakura- Cherry blossom

    If you know anything about Japan you are surely familiar with Sakura or Cherry blossom landscapes. But you may wait impatiently every year the Sakura blossom, to can enjoy for a short time its fairylike view. Almost synonymous to Japan, the cherry blossom is to be considered as one of the official flowers of this nation. Blossoming tends to start in February on the most southern islands and slowly creeps north, ending in May on the island of Hokkaido. Cherry blossom viewing parties, or Hanami, are a long lived tradition among the Japanese people and is a sight to behold. Depending on the point you are visiting during the spring there are many beautiful places across Japan to experience Hanami on the day or even at night after a hard working journey, from bustling Tokyo to more rural areas in Gunma or Fukushima, Sakura has a lot to offer. The cherry blossoms are a sign of a new life and of ethereal beauty in Japan, coinciding with the start of the new school and the business year. Although only short lived, the Sakura blooms are almost revered and are certainly not to be missed.

    Exquisite blooms of Colorful Flowers

    Sakura is not the only flower to enjoy contemplating during Spring in Japan. If you miss the Sakura period or want to experience more, than there are several other kinds of flowers for you. Tulips are widely planted across Japan and are spectacular to behold. Azaleas also bloom during this season and there are many Japanese gardens full of their flowers. And it is quite a unique experience to walk under upon more than a million of wonderful hanging Wisteria.

    Golden Week

    Golden Week is a holiday period starting at the end of April in Japan where there are four National Holidays in one Week. Many Japanese people take this opportunity to have some time off work to travel, spend time with family and celebrate these National Holidays. Koinobori is held on the 5th of May and is the last holiday of Golden Week, set to celebrate children. If you visit Japan at this time you will notice carp streaming Hanged in gardens or along the streets of Japan. These streamers represent the Japanese family, with the top for the father, then the mother and then for the children of the household. The golden week period is also the when the rice planting in Japan begins, you can even still see people planting each shoot by hand flowing the traditional manner.

    Spring in Japan offers natural beauty and also the chance to join several activities on one of the busiest Japanese Holiday periods of the year.