Love “Melon Pan”? Try This Unique Melon Bread Specialty Store in Kyushu!

  • Cachette (カシェット) is a melon bread specialty store in Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県) in the Kyushu region (九州地方) that is only open on the weekends and holidays. If you love melon bread and would like to try various types, Cachette is the place to try.

    What is Melon Bread?

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    Melon bread is a Japanese invention and is a roll of bread coated with a biscuit or cookie layer on the outside. Despite its name, it is not actually melon flavored. It has a specific flavor that slightly reminds one of melon, but the original melon bread does not include any melon fruit (although there are more recent variations of it that include melon paste or fruit chunks). It was named “melon bread” due to the appearance of the outer crust that is reminiscent of the outside skin of a melon fruit.

    Other than the standard melon bread, there are over ten types offered that vary according to the season. The exterior of this melon bread is crispy and cookie-like, whereas the inside has a fluffy, moist texture.

    Melon Bread Loaves

    A unique type of melon bread that is available at Cachette is the melon bread loaves. You can use them as toast and use butter, jam, cheese or any topping you want on them and enjoy the unique taste of having a melon-based toast with the same cookie texture exterior and fluffy inside. They are also delicious served cold.

    The one thing about these melon bread loaves is that they are extremely delicate and take more time to ferment and bake than usual bread and for that reason, can only be made in small batches. If you want to grab a loaf of this melon bread, make sure to make a reservation in advance.


    Included in their popular seasonal menu is their ice cream melon bread with Amaou strawberries (あまおう苺), a famous strawberry brand from the Hakata region (博多地域) in Fukuoka. They are nationally famous for their extremely sweet flavor and juicy texture. The ice cream melon bread is like a strawberry parfait stuck into the melon bread. Please keep in mind that this ice cream melon bread is only available at certain times of the year.

    Another popular, unique item from Cachette is their fruit melon bread. This is slightly similar to the previous ice cream melon bread that was mentioned earlier, but this one features the same Amaou strawberries in a melon bread whipped cream sandwich. These are perfect as gifts for friends and family.

    Some of the other items on the menu at Cachette are melon bread filled with plain whipped cream, melon bread filled with chocolate whipped cream, melon bread coated with chocolate and nuts, melon bread coated in melted white chocolate and melon bread coated in melted milk chocolate.

    If you are already addicted to melon bread like I am or if you are interested in trying out this Japanese dessert, Cachette may be the place to visit. Take a little road trip out to Itoshima (糸島) to visit this comfortable, homely bakery and enjoy their delicious sweets!

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