Not in the Mood for a Chat? Try This New “Silent Taxi” Service in Kyoto!

  • Ever been in such a bad mood that participating in small talk is the last thing you wanted to do? Sometimes we just want to get to our next destination without being disturbed. If this sounds like you, rest assured that you won’t be bothered if you use the “Silence Taxi (サイレンス車両)” service by Miyako Taxi (都タクシー) also known as MK Taxi, which mainly operates in the Kyoto (京都) area.

    Though talking between a driver and a passenger is fine, there are times when you don’t feel like having any form of chitchat. The Silence Taxi is a new service of in-car atmosphere that limits the driver’s speaking.

    Riding a Taxi in Kyoto

    Riding a taxi in Kyoto is a handy way of getting around the city. It is convenient and quick as you can catch them everywhere. It is also cost-effective over short distances, especially if two or more people split the fare. It is easy to ride a taxi; just stand next to the road and raise your hand to get the driver’s attention.

    In some cases when you might ride a taxi, drivers are chatty, especially to foreign people who seem to be interested in learning about the place. Some passengers love hearing about interesting stories as well as different attractions that they happen to travel. In general, Japanese taxi drivers are very courteous and extremely polite. Due to the city’s narrow streets, dense traffic and crowds of people, drivers are careful with precise movements. They don’t beep their horns nor swear or yell at each other.

    Miyako Taxi was founded in 1940. The company provides meticulous care and professionalism to their passengers. It also prioritizes acting in all aspects with consideration for others.

    Silence Taxis

    Not all the time do passengers want to engage in small talk with their taxi drivers, however. So if you’re not in the mood for a conversation, you should try the “Silence Taxi” service offered by MK Taxi.

    This taxi company is known for the heart-shaped logo, which can be found on the roof of their vehicles. Each Silence Taxi has a note written on the back of the passenger’s seat informing the passenger that the driver will not speak unless spoken to. He will just greet you once you hop in and ask for your desired route.

    The goal of this service is to provide a comfortable environment for those who’d prefer a quieter ride. It also prevents rude confrontation of asking the driver to stop talking. But if you feel like chatting with the driver, you may do so. It is not prohibited.

    This service started in late March and is still at the trial stage, so you should check it out if ever you’re traveling around the area.

    The Silence Taxis will allow more room for the passenger to have a quieter, more peaceful experience. It will also leave him the option to start a conversation if he wants to. As of now, only five of the Silence Taxis under MK Taxi are running around Kyoto. This will gauge whether the taxi service will be expanded in the near future.

    Miyako Taxi website

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