Feeling Artsy? Here Are 9 Creative Uses for Cute Japanese Washi Tape!

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  • Do you step into Japanese stationery shops and go crazy over the wide variety of cute products they have? One favorite spot is Tokyu Hands (東急ハンズ), a Japanese lifestyle store that sells an array of goods ranging from outdoor equipment to even DIY materials. More often than not, I end up buying many different designs of this thing called “washi tape (和紙テープ).” But what exactly is washi tape?

    “Washi (和紙)” is a Japanese term used to refer to a type of Japan-made paper that is relatively thinner and has a slightly coarse texture compared to regular paper. What makes washi tape different from your usual masking tape, apart from its cute patterns and designs, is how it can be easily removed without residue.

    But what do you do when you have too many of them that you can possibly even use? A friend once asked me what I use my washi tapes for. So, being a frequent traveler to the Land of the Rising Sun, l have listed below some creative ways, especially for travelers, to use these washi tapes!

    1. As a keyboard protector

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    . . 【はじめての自己投資】 . パソコン一台で どこでも仕事ができる働き方に憧れたのは、 3年前の2016年。 . 振り返ると、 このMacBookが私にとって はじめての大きな自己投資でした。 . こはらみきさん専属秘書&ライター キューイスト公式ライター . としての活動がスタートする 2019年。 . たくさん遠回りしたけれど、 今年憧れの働き方がぐっと近づきました。 . お気に入りのカフェや自宅のデスク、 そして大好きな空港のラウンジや飛行機の機内…♡ . このMacBookとともに、 日本全国(そして世界⁉)を飛び回りたいと思います。 . 1/21up💓 【働き方】入社一ヶ月でライターをクビになった私が3年後ライターになった話 . ライターになるまでの経緯は プロフィールのリンクより✈️💓 @rui_lovinlife . #アラサー女子 #仕事迷子 #キャリア女子 #ライフデザイン講座 #ライター #専属ライター #秘書 #アシスタント #バッドエンドはない #じぶんノート #モバイルルーター #macbook #マスキングテープ #マスキングテープ活用法 #仕事道具 #仕事に恋する働き方 #仕事に恋するトリセツ

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    Can’t find a suitable keyboard protector for your laptop? Try making your own keyboard protector using washi tapes! You can choose whichever design you want for each key. Your cute keyboard might even be a conversation starter the next time you use your laptop in a cafe!

    2. Decorate your schedule book

    You have a plane to catch, an amusement park to go to, an exhibition to attend… What’s better than spicing up your schedule book with washi tapes? Use them to place emphasis on a special event. Or cut out a long strip to indicate your one-week long holiday!

    3. DIY mementos for your friends

    Japanese have the custom of giving omiyage (おみやげ) to their family, friends, or colleagues after they come back from holidays. You can put your washi tape to good use by adding a little DIY card, especially for your loved ones. Cut and fold your washi tapes into half to form little flags!

    4. For nail art

    Are you too busy getting around that you do not have time to go for a manicure or wait for that nail polish to dry? Try using your washi tapes as an alternative! With the vast amount of designs, you definitely can find one that suits each occasion. Remember to put a base coat before pasting them on your nails, though.

    5. Color code your keys

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    久しぶりに充電したわ(*^ω^*) #マステでデコ #ウッドストック

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    Keys are a must, regardless of where we go. Rather than leaving them as the boring silver-grey, why not give each key a different washi tape? You no longer need to spend money on fanciful key holder keychains, which can be bulky and sometimes may not even fit your keys.

    6. As a bookmark

    To complete a good trip is to have a good book in your hand. Enhance your regular bookmarks with washi tape designs! All you need is a piece of sturdy paper, washi tapes of your preferred patterns, a hole punch, strands of ribbons, sprinkled with a little bit of creativity.

    7. DIY your phone case

    Up your phone case game by cutting out strips of washi tape and doing uniques designs! Remember to get a plain, preferably transparent, cover as a base. With this unique phone case following you around the globe, you can show off both your creativity and your various washi tape designs!

    Is getting a character luggage tag too childish for you? Is a simple, single-colored luggage tag unappealing? Try making fun luggage tags using your washi tape! You may have the same color, same design luggage bag as another, but you will never have the same luggage tag!

    9. Identify your cords

    It can be a hassle when you have too many cords to carry along, especially when most of them are white – not to mention it gets dirty easily. Why not roll your washi tapes over them? Give each of your cords a different design. It can also help to prevent people from mistakenly taking your cords!

    Bonus: Cherry blossom petals washi tape!

    Bande (バンデ) is one of the Japanese brands producing washi tapes and they have released these sakura petal tapes! It comes as a single petal, so you can paste them wherever and however you like, even forming a sakura flower.

    With the abundance of washi tape designs and even funkier ones roll out into the market, who can resist the urge to add them to their collection? Thankfully, there are many creative ways we can put these tapes to good use, adding a little bit more color and patterns to our everyday items.

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