Quiet, Beautiful and Close to Tokyo? Discover the Best Place to Live in Japan!

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  • Living in Japan is something many people dream of doing one day. Everyone has their own reason, whether that’s wanting to experience Japan’s culture or fulfilling their dream of studying or working in the country. Many people consider living in Tokyo, the capital of the country due to its easy access to popular tourist spots, a higher number of jobs and a better salary.

    Of course, any place you live in Japan will have its own ups and downs but one of the main downfalls of Tokyo is the expensive rent. But don’t fret, there’s a beautiful city just a prefecture away waiting for you to be discovered. Just a couple of stations away from the center of Tokyo, you’ll find Kawaguchi City (川口), the silent, beautiful city of Saitama (埼玉).


    If you’ve been living in Tokyo for a couple of years now, you may have heard of the term “DaSaitama”, a term coined by a talent named Morita (森田) back in the 1980s. This is a play on words, using the word “dasai” which means “uncool” in Japanese. On the whole, Saitama is thought to have less to be proud of compared to other prefectures, with fewer tourist spots, hot springs and local specialities. But that, of course, doesn’t reflect everything about Saitama since the prefecture is home to Chichibu (秩父), Koedo (小江戸; Little Edo) and many more great places!

    Why Kawaguchi City?


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    Found in the south of Saitama prefecture, Kawaguchi City is one of the areas that is closest to Tokyo in Saitama. The city is packed with residential establishments making it a perfect, quiet place for families. The city is also green and friendly, with a number of parks and schools within reach. Not to mention the rent prices, which are much more affordable than Tokyo.

    Kawaguchi City is served by three railway lines which are the Saitama Rapid Railway Line (埼玉高速鉄道線), the JR Musashino (武蔵野線) and the JR Kehin Tohoku Line (京浜東北線), with the latter two having direct access to numerous stations in Tokyo.

    Kawaguchi Station

    Kawaguchi Nishi Koen

    Kawaguchi City has easy access to and from Tokyo, with a ride to Tokyo Station taking just 30 minutes on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line. The station is also very convenient thanks to the three malls, namely Cupola, Casty and Sogo, located in front of the east exit.

    If you take the west exit, there is a huge park called Kawaguchi Nishi Park (川口西公園), also known as Lilia Park, where you can go to relax, have a picnic or bring your kids to play. There are also many beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom during spring.

    While it is true that Saitama may not be as loud and packed compared with its neighbor Tokyo, but it surely serves as a great dwelling place to those who would rather stay away from the busy crowds of the capital. Kawaguchi City, in particular, is one of the gems of the Saitama prefecture that has yet to be discovered by those who seek further adventure. With easy access to Tokyo for work or play but the benefit of cheap rent, why wouldn’t you consider Kawaguchi City if you’re planning on living in Japan?!

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