Enjoy High-Class Cuisine at This New French Bistro in Tokyo!

  • Did you know that Japan is a place where you can find superb French cuisine? This is historically related to the country’s people, who actively sought to learn and emulate French food into their system. This kind of setting brought about the extensive affair between the Japanese culinary cuisine and French cuisine, and now, there are many French establishments in the country where you can find excellent French food. One of these is Cafe de Nature (カフェ ド ナチュール), which is a cafe and bistro in the Aoyama-Itchome (青山一丁目) area.

    The Japanese Love for French Food

    Japanese people tend to love their imported French culture, including food. Japan has been heavily influenced by French cuisines in the past few decades. This is even the main food theme during weddings, anniversaries and meetings and is paired with high-end tableware.

    French restaurants are gold standard for western cuisines in the country and many chefs travel to France to get cooking skills and knowledge. They learn the craft under a French chef before returning to their homeland. This serves as an opportunity for them to open up their own pastry shop, restaurant or Galette shop. The French bistros are common in Japan and many of them are rated highly. It is common to find French cafes with round tables and French-speaking waiters anywhere you go in Japan’s city areas.

    About the Cafe

    Cafe de Nature is a two-story cafe and bistro which was inspired by traditional bistros in Paris. It offers high-quality eats including freshly baked bread, sandwiches, red meat and terrines made with seasonal vegetables. It also brings coffee treats including wine and beverages to the neighborhood.

    The atmosphere is very relaxing, stylish and comfortable and if you’re in a hurry you can just drop by to take your food out for lunch. If you like pastries and home-baked goodies, you may go straight to the first floor where you can find these perfect treats.

    The Menu

    Some of the dishes you can try in Cafe de Nature include roasted duck with braised kidney and pork sausage for 2,800 yen, finger foods for 600-900 yen and European desserts such as crepe suzete for 1,300 yen. However, do take note that the bakery tends to close early when it runs out of stock.

    If you like a wide selection of lunch sets, you can visit the cafe from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Special lunch sets cost 1,100 to 2,900 yen. You can also enjoy dinner with a wide selection of wines and cocktails in a romantically French setting. The place accommodates surprise parties so you can definitely have a blast during your birthday here. There are around 134 seats available for guests.

    Cafe de Nature is a traditional space where adults can meet and transport themselves to Europe. Cuisines are natural and very innovative – perfect for those who’d like to try French food for the first time. The cafe also emphasizes their vegetable menu in order to promote healthy living to diners. If you love French food then head down to Cafe de Nature in Aoyama. Surely you will never forget the experience!

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