Which Member of Japanese Band ONE OK ROCK Married Avril Lavigne’s Sister?

  • A while back, Ryota Kohama (小浜良太), the bassist of the very well-known rock band in Japan called ONE OK ROCK (ワンオクロック), announced in the band’s concert on 18 February 2017 that he actually got married earlier that month. Okay, cool, getting married and keeping it secret from the public until a little later is commonly done by celebrities. However, what’s shocking is that he is actually married to Avril Lavigne’s sister!

    Avril Lavigne and ONE OK ROCK

    Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer who made a huge breakthrough in her music career with her tomboyish image and her single, “Complicated.” Ever since then, she had released many successful singles like “Girlfriend,” “Sk8er Boi,” and “I’m With You.”

    Avril Lavigne is no stranger to Japan as she is not only a huge international star, but she also filmed her very colorful and fun “Hello Kitty (ハローキティー)” music video in Tokyo (東京), Japan. The song and music video were inspired by her obsession with Hello Kitty, the iconic and cute cat character by Sanrio (サンリオ). Japan definitely loves Avril and Avril seems to really love Japan, too.

    On the other hand, ONE OK ROCK, which was formed in 2005, has a huge fan following in Japan. The members of the band are lead vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi (森内貴寛), guitarist and leader Toru Yamashita (山下亨), bassist Ryota Kohama, and drummer Tomoya Kanki (神吉智也). The name of ONE OK ROCK was inspired by the phrase “one o’clock” as the band used to practice at 1:00 in the morning during weekends due to cheaper rehearsal space.

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    As Avril Lavigne and ONE OK ROCK are big stars, it is only natural for them to cross paths several times. In 2013, both of them appeared on the same Japanese music TV show. When the band went to Canada to perform, they once again met with Avril, and the latter even posted an Instagram photo of them together. Besides that, Avril had also lent her voice for one of the songs by ONE OK ROCK entitled “Listen.”

    Ryota Kohama and Michelle Lavigne’s Marriage

    I am so happy because I got married with Michelle!!She is so amazing?❤️

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    On 20 February 2017, Ryota Kohama posted an Instagram photo of him with a Caucasian woman named Michelle whom he said he got married to. The announcement came as a big surprise to his fans!

    What’s more shocking is that the following day, 21 February 2017, Avril Lavigne posted the same photo of the couple on her Instagram, wishing them the best. Just by seeing the photo alone, one would think that maybe Avril is good friends with Ryota since she had met with ONE OK ROCK a couple of times before. But it turns out that Avril especially congratulated the couple on her Instagram because the woman is actually her sister!

    It can be seen on Michelle Lavigne’s private Instagram account that she has changed her surname to Kohama after her marriage to Ryota. It is not yet known whether Michelle would be moving to Japan.

    Perhaps with the marriage between Avril’s sister and Ryota Kohama, Avril Lavigne would go to Japan more often to visit the couple! Maybe we will see another music video from Avril being filmed in Japan, who knows?

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